Birch Plywood Manufacturer
Birch Plywood Manufacturer

White birch Plywood face veneer thickness buying tips

White birch plywood are the most dense plywood types exported to North america,especially to the USA .The face veneer have different original places and different grades ,but mostly are mill option grades or customer custom made grades .so it is very subjective .

But thickness are normally have the uniform understanding , from 0.25mm to 0.35mm mostly .In the marketrs now can see some thinner one such as 0.22mm face veneer thickness .

As one saying in the birch veneer industry ,the thicker, the lower grade .Means if thicker face veneer ,the quantity per logs peeled would be less than thinner face veneer ,so the prices are not same and grade are not same .If good grade birch logs ,they can peel more quantity face veneer ,so the unit price can be cheaper .

When I went to the Home Depot , I FOUND Columbia Forest Products ‘s birch plywood is excellent .Really good looking and good strength .

China Birch Plywood Manufacturer buying from Most of the famous birch face veneers are from the following places :

Hebei Birch veneer production bases

Special size birch veneer production bases

Linyi  Birch veneer production bases

Russia Birch veneer production bases

Dongbei Rotary cut Birch veneer production bases

Xintai Birch veneer production bases

Pizhou Birch veneer production bases


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