PVC foam Board type and Manufacturing Tips
PVC foam Board type and Manufacturing Tips

PVC foam Board Quality and Manufacturing Tips

PVC foam Board Making process
According to the production process, PVC foam board can be divided into PVC crust foam board and PVC free foaming board
PVC foam board surface hardness is very high, it is difficult to produce scratches, widely used in cabinets, decoration, construction and so on
The surface hardness of PVC free foam board, widely used in advertising display boards, mounting board, screen printing, carving etc.

Key factors of quality of foamed sheet
For foaming materials, the size and uniformity of the bubble are the key factors affecting the quality of the sheet. For low foaming sheet material, it has small and uniform bubble holes, good toughness, high strength and good surface quality. Considering the density of foamed sheet, only the small and uniform bubbles have the possibility of further reducing the density. It is difficult to further reduce the density when the foam is large and scattered.

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