What types of HPL sheets can be divided into
What types of HPL sheets can be divided into

What types of HPL sheets can be divided into

What types of HPL sheets can be divided into?

In the modern interior decoration process awareness of fire and environmental awareness continues to improve, the HPL has become a decoration of the building materials market common decorative panels, fire board “plasticity” is very strong, can adapt to a variety of different environments and style of decoration, now There are many types of fireproof panels on the finishes, and various classification of HPL sheets!

The classification of the HPL is mainly carried out from two aspects:

First, the surface treatment: from the surface treatment of the direction of the classification of fire boards are more common more than 30 species, including: suede, smooth, paint, brush wood, wood brush pattern, Stripping, drawing, vertical lines, etc., and different brands of the surface of the fire board there are some differences in the name, there are some surface treatment is a number of brands have exclusive ownership, such as the series of the essence of the series And weave pattern.
HPL sheets various color texture
Second, the color lines: color lines are mainly from the surface color of the fire board classification, and now the market are common: wood, plain also called solid color, stone pattern, cloth pattern, there are some good-looking abstract texture. This is from the visual visual distinction, basically one can see it.

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