building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, floor leather, floor tiles, artificial leather, pipes, wires, cables, packing films, bottles, foaming materials, sealing materials, fibers
building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, floor leather, floor tiles, artificial leather, pipes, wires, cables, packing films, bottles, foaming materials, sealing materials, fibers

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products suppliers directory lists

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products suppliers directory lists

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PVC was the world’s largest producer of general-purpose plastics and was widely used. It is widely used in building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, floor leather, floor tiles, artificial leather, pipes, wires, cables, packing films, bottles, foaming materials, sealing materials, fibers, etc..

PVC material, that is PVC, is one of the largest plastic products in the world. It is cheap and widely used. PVC resin is white or light yellow powder. It can not be used alone. It must be modified. PVC is an amorphous white powder with poor branching degree and poor stability to light and heat. Different additives can be added according to different uses, and polyvinyl chloride plastics can exhibit different physical and mechanical properties. A variety of hard, soft and transparent products can be made by adding proper amount of plasticizer in PVC resin.

Main use
1. PVC profile
Profiles and profiles are the largest areas of PVC consumption in China, accounting for about 25% of the total consumption of PVC. They are mainly used for making doors and windows and energy-saving materials, and their applications are still increasing substantially throughout the country. In developed countries, plastic door and window market share is also in the first place, such as Germany is 50%, France is 56%, the United States is 45%.
2. PVC pipe
Among the many PVC products, PVC pipe is the second largest consumption area, accounting for about 20% of its consumption. In our country, the PVC pipe is PE pipe and PP pipe development early, many varieties, excellent performance, wide application range, occupies an important position in the market.
3. PVC film
PVC film consumption in the field of PVC ranked third, accounting for about 10%. After mixing and plasticizing of PVC and additives, a transparent or pigmented film of specified thickness is made of three or four roller calender, which is used to process the film and become a rolling film. It can also process packing bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains and inflatable toys by cutting and sealing. Wide transparent film can be used for greenhouse, plastic greenhouse and plastic film. A biaxially stretched film that is contracted by heating and can be used for shrink wrapping.
4.PVC hardwood and board
The stabilizer, lubricant and filler are added in the PVC. After mixing, the extruder can extrude all kinds of hard tubes, special pipes and bellows, which are used as the water pipe, water pipe, wire sleeve or stair handrail. The rolled thin sheets are overlapped and pressed hot, and can be made into hard plates of various thicknesses. The sheet can be cut into the desired shape and then welded to various chemical resistant tanks, ducts, and containers by hot air using the PVC electrode.
5.PVC general soft goods
The utility model can be used for extruding hoses, cables, wires, etc. by using an injection molding machine, various kinds of moulds can be made into plastic sandals, soles, slippers, toys, automobile fittings, etc..
6. PVC packing materials
PVC products for packaging containers, mainly for a variety of film and film. PVC containers mainly produce mineral water, drinks and cosmetics bottles, as well as packaging for refined oils. The PVC film can be used in CO extrusion with other polymers to produce low cost laminates and transparent articles with good barrier properties. PVC film can also be used for stretch or heat shrink packaging, used for packaging mattresses, cloth, toys and industrial goods.
7. PVC siding and flooring
Polyvinyl chloride siding is mainly used to replace aluminum panel. In addition to a part of PVC resin, the rest of the PVC floor tiles are recycled materials, adhesives, fillers and other components, which are mainly used in the hard ground of the airport terminal building, ground and other places.
8. PVC daily consumer goods
The luggage bag is a traditional product made of PVC. PVC is used to make all kinds of imitation leather. It is used for luggage bags, sports goods, such as basketball, football and rugby. It can also be used to make uniforms and special protective equipment belts. Clothing with PVC fabric is adsorption fabric (without coating), such as a poncho, baby pants, leather jacket and boots. PVC is used in many sports and entertainment products, such as toys, records and sporting goods. PVC toys and sporting goods have increased considerably. They have the advantage of low production cost and easy molding.
9.PVC coated products
An artificial leather with a base is made by applying PVC on cloth or paper and then plasticized at 100 degrees celsius. PVC and additives can also be rolled into thin films and then pressed together with the substrate. No artificial leather substrate is soft sheet directly into a certain thickness by the calender, then press the pattern can be. Artificial leather can be used to make suitcases, leather bags, book covers, sofas and car cushions, and floor leather, used as flooring for buildings.
10.PVC foam products
When soft PVC is mixed, a proper amount of foaming agent is used to make the sheet material, and the foam is made into foam plastic, which can be used as foam slippers, sandals, insoles and shockproof cushioning packaging materials. The extruder can be used as a low foamed hard PVC sheet and profile, and can be used as a substitute for wood. It is a new type of building material.
11.PVC transparent sheet
In PVC, impact modifier and organic tin stabilizer are blended, plasticized and rolled to form a transparent sheet. It can be made into thin wall transparent container or used for vacuum blister packing by thermoforming. It is an excellent packing material and decoration material.
12.PVC uses plastic instead of wood
PVC wood plastic composite material is a new type of composite material, which is made of waste wood fiber and plastic raw material, supplemented by proper processing aids, and prepared by hot pressing process. Its products fully reflect the renewable resources and the recycling of petroleum products. It is of great significance to ease the current shortage of wood and oil resources, environmental pollution and other issues.
PVC as the main raw material of home building materials has become China’s plastics industry’s second pillars, an average annual growth rate of more than 15%. The next 10 years, the country is expected to add housing construction area of 30 billion square meters, if these energy-saving building to achieve 50% on the existing basis, then the market of energy-saving building materials demand up to tens of thousands of yuan, the indoor energy-saving decoration materials development of the huge space. For a long time, the building materials industry has been in the image of high energy consumption and high pollution. In order to meet the requirements of low-carbon economy, home building materials enterprises after years of research and development, developed a batch of plastic instead of wood PVC high simulation building materials, as a low carbon and practical perfect combination of home products.
Industry experts pointed out that, in order to plastic behalf of wood PVC building materials, its not only cost savings, but also recyclable, recycling, in line with environmental sustainability and recycling economy trend.

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