Top 30 Film(Film of the Film faced plywood)Manufacturers

Top 20 Film(Film of the Film faced plywood)Manufacturers from Linyi and some other places,Our readers provided ,we could not guarantee any exact and right info ,not purpose for rank their name ,just list them and just for your reference  .Just made simple translation ,if wrong ,please send us emails to correct or delete them ,thanks .

临沂市比尔森工装饰材料有限公司 Linyi Bill Forest Decoration Materials Company



临沂金和覆膜纸厂 Linyi Jinhe

临沂市安华装饰纸厂 lINYI ANHUA

临沂市程翔浸渍纸业有限公司 LINYI CHENGXIANG

临沂市帝威装饰材料有限公司 Linyi Diwei

湘阴县红四方装饰材料厂 Hongsifang Decorative paper 

Linyi Changhong

临沂鸿马装饰材料有限公司  Pizhou HOngma

潍坊市昌乐光亮模板纸厂 weifang changle film factory


临沂市瑞祥建筑模板覆膜纸有限公司 Linyi ruixiang

山东临沂福亿覆膜纸有限公司 Linyi fuyi

临沂辉煌覆膜纸业有限公司  Linyi huihuang

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