China Film Faced Plywood Core Wood Species and Structure

China Film Faced Plywood Core Wood Species and Structure is a hot topic when buying the Chinese concrete film faced panels ,according to the past 10 Years ,China’s film faced plywood  has gone through three stages:

Before 2008 ,All selected good poplar veneer ,the lower grade are useding for MDF or PARTILCE BOARD

2008 to 2011 ,started to use a little lower grade core veneer ,such as patches and holes …

2011 to at present ,started more lower grade core veneer  ,and a new Invention named recycled finger and butt joint core plywood .

from these stages ,we can see that the quality have been lower and lower again ,last 9 years ,the prices are even the same ,before 2007 ,USD-RMB is about 8.2 to 7.8 ,now ,the exchange rate is about 6.6 ,I checked some of my emails and POs we did before 2005 ,2006 and 2008 ,all used good melamine glue or wbp glue ,the price for 18mm brown  film is about 330usd/cbm ,now,still the same prices ,can you imagine the prices chagnes and quality changes and profit changes .

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