How to  distinguish  technology veneer and natural veneer?

How to  distinguish  technology veneer and natural veneer?

The so-called veneer, also known as veneer, used in furniture and other products veneer decoration, produced in the last century 50’s, after half a century of development, the wood has been a considerable size.

Now the natural veneer and technology veneer application is more and more widely, is widely used in furniture, decoration works, decorative panels, flooring, wooden doors and other products, but how they distinguish between today, for everyone to explain the distinction between methods.

What is technology veneer?

Technology veneer is a common wood (fast-growing raw materials) as raw materials, the use of bionics principles, through the ordinary wood, fast-growing materials for a variety of modified physical and chemical production of a more superior performance of the whole wood new decorative materials. Science and technology veneer, also known as natural landscaping veneer, due to the Earth’s natural resources are declining, there are manufacturers have developed a new decorative materials – technology veneer instead of natural forest resources.

Technology veneer removed the original wood of the original defects, to overcome the natural wood inherent insect hole, knots, decay, color change, color and other inevitable defects, brighter and more bright, stronger texture, its color is more abundant , The texture tends to diversify, according to people’s different preferences to process a variety of patterns and patterns, to fully meet the diverse needs of modern people and personalized consumer demand, other interior materials can not be replaced, and easy to use, is the use Extremely new environmentally friendly interior decoration materials.

Technology veneer furniture modeling and the thickness of the board can be made according to the manufacturer’s design at random, the board is more smooth, the interface is not obvious, no color, the overall sense of the overall three-dimensional furniture.

Technology veneer feels feels more soft, strong texture, with nails after the traces of. Technology veneer furniture due to the relatively high cost of raw materials, the price is generally relatively expensive. Not only science and technology veneer both environmental protection, grade and high, is the future trend of furniture, and gradually become the first choice for many manufacturers and consumers.

What is natural veneer?

Natural veneer is the veneer market in the most primitive and most commonly used raw materials, is mainly used in the indoor wood furniture surface paste skin technology. Natural veneer is derived from natural tree species, with good comfort and natural aroma.

Natural veneer used in all kinds of high-grade wood decorative leather furniture on the surface, not only the price is reasonable and the functionality is also particularly good. Can be decorated according to the needs of people to produce different models and styles of skin.

How to distinguish between natural veneer and technology veneer?

1, natural veneer is a natural wood, is not artificially modified and presents the natural texture and color. The use of natural wood directly produced veneer, it has a natural natural flavor of wood, texture strong, talented art charm, with its special and irregular natural texture and superb, can give you to return to the natural heart and beauty of the arts to enjoy. Because of this feature, not the general technology veneer (artificial veneer) all, this is one of the reasons people like natural veneer. Many of the defects of natural veneer are artificial repair, such as veneer surface mineral lines, knot, knot, wormhole, white edge, etc., these are unique characteristics of natural veneer, and technology veneer can avoid these defects.

2, science and technology veneer (artificial veneer) is a common wood (fast-growing raw materials) as raw materials, the use of bionics principles, through the ordinary wood, fast-growing materials for a variety of modified physical and chemical production of a more superior performance of the new wood Decorative material is the “upgraded version” of natural wood. The use of logs as raw materials, after a series of pattern design, dyeing, re-construction, pest control, high temperature and pressure generated after the technology veneer. After processing the technology veneer, the surface is smooth, not only the color is very rich, and can be very good to meet the requirements of different decoration sites and the majority of furniture doors decorated their own texture preferences. Able to complete the transformation of the original wood defects. Natural wood discoloration, insect holes and other original inevitable flaws have been overcome, better guarantee and optimize the combination of science and technology wood and natural wood. Although the technology veneer is imitation natural veneer texture, but it is compared with the natural veneer, or a certain gap, the texture of the technology veneer is more rigid, the texture is not natural veneer natural, with the naked eye is easy to distinguish.

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