Building film faced plywoods main advantages

Building film faced plywoods main advantages:

Light weight: more suitable for high-rise buildings and bridge construction.

Large format: the largest format for the 3050 * 1525mm, reduce the number of seams, improve the efficiency of die.

No warping, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, boiled 24 hours without opening plastic, the strength of good performance, high turnover, long service life. Easy to use, easy to use time is steel film 1/7.

Do water concrete: cast objects surface smooth and beautiful, minus the wall plastering process, can be directly veneer decoration. Reduce the duration of 30%.

Corrosion resistance: does not pollute the concrete surface.

Insulation performance is good, is conducive to winter construction.

Can do the curved plane of the diaphragm.

Construction performance is good, nail. Saw. Drilling and other properties better than bamboo plywood. Small steel plate, according to the construction requirements of processing into a variety of shapes of the diaphragm.

Surface eye acceptance criteria:

No open plastic, broken, from the layer

No plate defect

No surface repair

No color change

No slab splicing from the seam


The factory has been sealed. Cut edge or drilling, please use water-resistant phenolic series of oil paint, the edge of the sawing or perforation painted paint three times. If scratches, bumps, should be filled with phenolic paint.

Before use, should be evenly coated on the surface layer of release agent, in order to mold and surface cleaning, but also directly affect the quality of concrete surface, the correct use can extend the life of the template.

After the template is removed, please use a brush, soft scraper and other non-metallic tools to clean up, storage corner alignment stacked on the ground, the bottom of the partition, do not contact with the ground, and well ventilated, while preventing the sun, Rain and check regularly.

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