E0 glue plywood production Process Quality Control tips

Staring the E0 glue plywood ,as the temperature is becoming low ,so ,becareful and prepare everything before the production .
Make a detailed production plan for everything,quality first ,then quantity .
E0 glue plywood need the following things be prepared and tested
1.POPLAR veneer moisture content test ,can not be wet ,if wet ,not easy for cold pressing .
2.Thickness of each core veneer ,should be uniform ,or the final plywood thickness can not be uniform .
3.The glue mixing color should be not the same like our E2 or other type of glue ,should be easy to recognize the E0 glue plywood platform .
4.The putty glue should be also E0 ,
5.The glue machinery spraying process should be controled ,check if the glue is thin or thick before spraying to dry veneer .make sue the glued veneer have good glue and no blank area .CHeck how much weight glue per veneer ,I mean the net weight of the glue and wheat flour .
6.When making the veneer core layup ,make sure no DRY-TO-DRY veneer ,or will create delamination .
7.As this is furniture grade plywood,make sure no veneer overlaps ,or will show veneer marks when laminating the okoume face veneer
8.When repairing the platform after cold pressing ,make sure all veneer overlaps should be remove and all the open splits must be filled with veneer strips ,perfect repaired.
9.When making the hot pressing,talk with the technology engineer how is the temperature and pressure rate ,check the final thickness after hot pressing ,check the moisture content after hot pressing .
10.After hot pressing ,take care of the putty process ,make sure all the knot holes and black dead knots must be filled by E0 glue putty .
11.Sanding process should be controled ,just test a few pieces to see if can have a good final thickness ,check if some area have SKIP area without sanding ,or sanding through .
12.When laminating the okoume face veneer ,must make sure all the okoume veneer are matched before lamination ,selection and grading the okoume before laminating.
13.Mixing the color matched glue for the okoume face veneer lamination ,if too thin,will creaet bleeding and telegraphing .If too thick ,will reduce the glue strength .
14.THe conditioning time should be controled ,or will have more bubbles and blisters .
15.The cold pressing time should be controled .
16.After cold pressing,should check the veneer and clean the veneer before hot pressing .
17.When making the hot pressing,check the temperature and pressure rates and the time of hot pressing .
18.After hot pressing ,check the final thckness and moisture content .
19.polishing sanding ,can not accept sanding through or SAND-SKIP.
20.Inspection ,grading and packing

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