Wooden Panels Retailers preparing for Alibaba’s Tmall 11/11

Now more and more plywood manufacturers and Wooden Panels Retailers are preparing for Alibaba’s Tmall 11/11 to sell the traditional wood products online ,especially the Alibaba’s Singles Day shopping festival on Nov 11st day , the world’s largest one-day online sales event .

Many foreign retaliers or suppliers had their  first 11/11 last year, even though they were very new on the platform for their plywood products or engineered wood products ; it was their largest growth in a day.They are not only sell but also build theirbrand name and maketing via the largest on-line shopping platform .

Many foreign companies now have very high hopes for how they are going to do on Tmall on 11/11. They think it’s going to be our largest day ever.China really has become an incredible market especially in e-commerce .

Many other big on-line shopping platform such as Jd.com is also one of the best places to sell and buy .

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