Plywood hot pressing process of quality requirements

Plywood hot pressing process of quality requirements,Here only to discuss the slab without pre-pressure direct hot pressing situation.Many of the serious processing defects of plywood occur in the hot pressing process, with some defects causing irreparable defects of the scrap. Therefore, the quality requirements of the hot pressing process should be strict.

According to the plastic slab, plywood tree species, the temperature level, the slab should have a certain amount of Chen Fang.

According to the plywood tree species, the production of plywood thickness, adjust the temperature of the platen, so that the laminate reaches the process temperature requirements, the temperature difference between the laminates shall not be installed when the pressure.

Automatically timed hot press according to the thickness of the production of plywood, pressure in the pre-press time to adjust the hot.

According to the production of plywood and plywood species, according to the provisions of the process unit pressure gauge pressure, adjust the gauge pressure before loading pressure.

Each pressure plate should be cleaned before loading pressure to remove the glue and other dirt so that the pressure plate is smooth and bright.

Slab in the transport and loading process may not be string to avoid the phenomenon of stack and black edge.

Loading pressure must be stable, accurate, fast, while loading pressure at the side of the unloading plate should do a good job on the pressure, that is to do in the middle of the slab is not skewed, upper and lower slab alignment, the pressure should To be stable and fast. And slab in the string of veneer adjusted good.

No automatic timing of the press, we must remember a good time to ensure hot pressing time.

Pressure plate to ensure a closed, closed section will affect the quality of glue.

The production of thick plywood should take three sections under the pressure method, the plywood under pressure for the initial inspection and found that the local open plastic or insufficient thickness defects should immediately take remedial measures, random writing production ledger, accurately fill in the production subpoena Appropriate place in the stack.

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