Plywood hot pressing three key factors

Plywood hot pressing three key factors,Hot pressing process is the most crucial part of the production of plywood, the quality of the enterprise and the level of output often depends on it.
Hot pressing process has three major factors, master these three factors can make good quality plywood.
The three major factors are temperature, pressure and time.
1. Temperature, temperature is divided into hot and cold temperature, respectively, refers to the temperature before hot pressing and unloading plate temperature, only in strict accordance with the calculated temperature to ensure quality.
2. Pressure, unit pressure should reach 2.0 ~ 2.5Mpa, but according to different materials have different settings.
3. Time, time will have to ensure that the insulation and dwell phase not less than 1.5 ~ 2.0min / mm.
Only strictly comply with the above three elements of the production of plywood in order to ensure the quality of plywood, some companies in pursuit of production and energy saving and some opportunistic behavior to reduce hot pressure, shorten the hot pressing time and temperature, resulting in the central layer of the slab adhesive failed to complete Curing, resulting in plate strength is not high; poor gloss board; resulting plate density, porosity and reduce cross-section of the phenomenon of reduced intensity for the majority of enterprises inconvenience to damage.

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