How to control the quality of melamine impregnated paper

How to control the quality of melamine impregnated paper,Melamine impregnated paper manufacturers in the production of products, the need throughout the production process to set some norms to control the quality of the product, to avoid improper operation and other reasons lead to poor quality impregnated paper.

Want to make high-quality impregnated paper, then you must use high-quality decorative base paper, impregnated paper to fundamentally guarantee the quality of the paper, and no matter what kind of paper should be tested before they can be used, and to In strict accordance with the requirements of the operation process to ensure that the amount of plastic, volatile content and pre-curing degree are in line with technical requirements. For impregnated and dried film, immediately wrap it with a plastic film of the molecular compound, stick it with tape, and store it in a suitable warehouse.

Strict requirements of the production process of the process can make melamine impregnated paper manufacturers to control the quality of products above a level so that we choose the impregnated paper application will be better.

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