How to deal with melamine veneer paper opened delaminated problem

How to deal with melamine veneer paper opened delaminated problem,Melamine veneer factory direct sales of product applications, because the winter indoor temperature will rise and become dry, veneer paper there will be some problems, among them the impact of the open delamination phenomenon, in view of this anomaly, how do we deal with it ?

Melamine veneer usually lead to the emergence of delaminated , Alice edge, the wall part of the main reasons such as the phenomenon of shedding is the indoor temperature, humidity, other decorative objects caused by thermal expansion and contraction, available glue on the back of the veneer, Scratch scraping can stick solid. Also pay attention to maintain the indoor ventilation, ventilation, because condensation or moisture is the main cause of stains, spalling, mildew, which can not be ignored veneer application information.

Adopting the above method can effectively solve the problem of opening the glue of the melamine veneer paper so as to obtain the best application effect of the direct selling products of the melamine veneer paper manufacturer. For more information, please refer to our contact information.

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