How to Solve the Phenomenon of Hot Pressing and Folding of Melamine Veneer

How to Solve the Phenomenon of Hot Pressing and Folding of Melamine Veneer,   In melamine veneer paper factory direct hot pressing products, the phenomenon of folding is a very normal phenomenon, when this phenomenon, we have to take what method to solve it?
If the melamine veneer paper is wrinkled in the oven, the friction brake on the release device can be loosened to reduce the tension of the paper, the tension of the paper between the driving roller and the driven roller is reduced, and the base paper passes through the first impregnation After the slot to drive the scraper. Folding occurring during hot pressing may be considered to slow down the press closure speed; check whether the compression strip on the polishing plate is warped or if the polishing plate needs to be refreshed; or check the electrostatic device and clean or switch the power supply, check the impregnation in the storage chamber Paper climate conditions and wet paper stiffness and so on.
The above method can solve the folding phenomenon of the direct selling of melamine veneer paper manufacturers and obtain a more even application effect, which is the information we must know about the application of the veneer paper so as to obtain a better application effect.

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