Judgment of substrate quality of melamine impregnated paper

Judgment of substrate quality of melamine impregnated paper, In the melamine impregnated paper manufacturer’s product selection, the choice of substrate is very important, we need to determine its quality of the substrate, so as to ensure the quality of the impregnated paper better, specifically how to judge it?
The substrate will directly affect the quality of melamine impregnated paper, so in production must pay attention to this issue. In the selection of substrates, the substrate thickness requirements of the deviation does not exceed ± 0.2mm, sheet moisture content should be controlled within the range of 6% -10%, the reason why the water content in a certain range, because the water content of the partial High, may lead to the process of laminating blasting, stratification and other phenomena; if the moisture content is low, or impregnated paper volatile content may cause the surface can not be well wet pressed, and the resulting layer of cardboard phenomenon.
In addition, check the melamine impregnated paper manufacturer’s substrate surface is flat and clean, does not allow water stains, grease, effective size can not have slips, eating head and so on, from the most basic to ensure the quality of the substrate.

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