Melamine veneer paper water stains is how to form

Melamine veneer paper water stains is how to form,Melamine veneer paper factory direct sales of products, if there is water stains, it will affect the use of veneer, so we have to understand the formation of water stains in order to ensure that the effect of the use of paper better.

The main reason causing the water mark on the surface of melamine veneer paper may be that the moisture content of the substrate is too high or the residual volatilization of the impregnated paper is too much, or it may be caused by improper installation of the moisture content measuring instrument of the impregnated paper. Phenomenon; or the phenomenon of resurgence during storage, resulting in melamine paper water stains. Want to avoid this phenomenon, in the production, it should adjust the moisture content of the substrate or adjust the impregnation paper drying process conditions.

Before the construction of the wall treatment of melamine veneer manufacturers direct use of the product is also very important, to ensure that the formation of dry, dust-free dust in order to achieve better application results, look forward to your visit patronage.

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