Plywood platform used for cold and hot pressing laminate discussion

Plywood platform used for cold and hot pressing lamination have two much differents ,when you inspect or produce the platform used for veneer or paper lamination ,should know exactly what kinds of platform quality needed .The density or weight of the platform can be ,the surface color or sanding quality of the platform ,especially the pressing pressure rate of the lamination .

Now ,according to the knowledge and experience and feedback from different platform lamination users ,share something  here .

Pressing pressure rate will decide the manufacturing process of the veneer or HPL or paper lamination ,as different countries or factories the hot pressing or cold pressing process are different ,the parameter of the pressing machines are also different .So ,before producing the platform ,should take the parameter into consideration .

ask some questions about the platform and what the platform will be used for :

1.COLD pressing or hot pressing

2.Pressure rate of the pressing machine

3.what kinds of pressure rate will be used for cold or hot pressing

4.How long the pressing time

5.If hot pressing,what abotu the pressing temperature

6.What about the platform moisture content need to be

7.Oversize platform need the second time trimming ,or just need standard sizes .

8.platform surface grade or natural characteristics or manufacturing defects limited rules

9.will make second time hot pressing or only used for one time cold pressing

10.the glue strength or bond strength of the platform

11.the surface sanding parameter ?120grit paper or 80 grit  sand paper or 240 grit sand paper

12.what type of face veneer or paper will be laminated ,dark color or light color ? what thickness of the face ?

13.Any plies quantity required for the platform

14.Density or weight of the platform needed .

15.Wood species of the platform

16.Core structure or construction of the platform

17.Thickness and sizes tolerance of the platform

18…..cut to size platform ,or will be used for whole pieces

19.Glue formaldehyde emission that  is E1,E2,E0 or EPA or CARB …..

20. short grain or long grain of the platform

Some of the platform are used for furniture components ,or painting ,not for cold or hot pressing lamination ,so the quality are different ,let’s talk about it from next topic .


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