Why melamine impregnated paper sticky phenomenon

Why melamine impregnated paper sticky phenomenon,Melamine impregnated paper is an essential raw material in the production of wood-based panels, occasionally appear in the production of sticky stick plate phenomenon, which melamine impregnated paper manufacturers direct marketing products have a great influence, in the end because of what is the reason Will this anomaly appear?

Melamine impregnated paper use the reason why this happens, mostly because of hot pressing time is short, or hot platen temperature is low or partial low, the resin curing incomplete; or hot pressing is not accurate positioning of the slab Of course; it is also possible that the substrate moisture content is too high, the surface of the steel plate is not clean, the type of mold release agent is not suitable or uneven coating and impregnated paper is too large, volatile content is too high and other reasons.

Understand the melamine impregnated paper factory direct product application abnormalities, in the use and production time to take some appropriate methods to solve and prevent, to avoid sticking phenomenon.

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