Decorative Melamine Paper with Nature Surface Pattern for Interior Door

Decorative Melamine Paper with Nature Surface Pattern for Interior Door


Decor Melamine Paper is a particular form of rotogravure printing in which printing ink is applied to base paper with the help of rotating gravure cylinders. The result – decor paper – is delivered to wood-based panel manufacturers, which use it for surface embellishment of their products. Produced in wood grain, stone and abstract designs, our decor paper finds use in this way on furniture and flooring surfaces as well as interior installations

(1) Decorative paper is widely used on laminated flooring, furniture, in-door decoration and panels such as MDF, HDF, HPL, plywood, particleboard.
(2) Width:1250/1860mm
(3) Designs: more than 1000 wood-grain designs, including solid color wood-grain, art grain, marble design, solid colors and so on.
(4) Color: various colors for the same design and can be customized according to your special requirements.
(5) Base paper: 70g, 75g, 80g,85gsm,
(6) ink: domestic & imported water-based ink
(7) Color fastness to daylight and UV-Cut: More than grade 6
(8) Characteristic: 1.Eco-friendly 2.environment- friendly 3.waterproof & moisture proof resistance 5.anti-dirt6.scratches resistance 7.UV resistance.
(9) Printing effect: surface is with full coating, smooth; texture is clear and vivid.
(10) Packing 250kg~500kg/roll

Technical Data Compare:

Technical Item Domestic Import
Weight (g/) 70 / 80 70-85
Water Absorption (mm/10min) 20-30 20-30
Wet Tensile (N/15min) ≥6.5 ≥6.5
Dry Tensile (N/15min) ≥23 ≥23
Ash Content (%) 24-32 24-32
Moisture (%) ≤6.0 ≤6.0
PH 6.5-7.5 6.5-7.5
Light Degree 5-6 6-7
Color fastness Degree ≥6.0 ≥6.0


  • Suitable for different furniture parts and MDF, PB board,etc.
  • For flat applications and also for roller laminated
  • Excellent color matching along the borders, clear and vivid.
  • Excellent machining characteristics
  • Glossy or matt depends on requirement, highest glossy can be 60degree and super matt.
  • Color control: QC and production will compare colors together from each batch order to avoid color difference
  • All finished paper is tested and inspected carefully by QC before delivery.
  • Water based ink, non toxic printing material.

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