Plywood Surface repair after Hot pressing and before sanding

Plywood Surface repair after Hot pressing and before sanding,this is not a fresh talking or experience ,just wanted to remind some the new manufacturers or new production managers ,take care of the plywood surface repairing job is a very important job for good finished plywood .

After hot pressing ,the plywood or platform are with expreme high temperature ,so it is easy to use wet wood putty to fill the holes or veneer joint gaps or veneer splits .So,when the QC or sourcing manager want to audit a new factory,this is a must to check their this production process .

After hot pressing ,especially after face veneer lamination hot pressing ,it is easy to use putty to repair the holes or open knot holes or open splits.With the help of the high temperature ,the putty can be easy dry ,so will be easy for polishing sanding with perfect finishes .Repairing after hot pressing That may be just the remedy we need to do to make a better plywood surface finishes ,IF the cold repair is not good .

Take care of this repair production process management (repair after hot pressing and before sanding),the same important like repair job before hot pressing and after cold pressing .

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