China Radiata Pine plywood samples quality confirmation

China Radiata Pine plywood samples quality confirmation,This is a common topic.,In the field of plywood production , plywood samples confirmation has been a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar.Just so many manufacturers ,The importance of  is so many suppliers ignored the the sample confirmation and quality confirmation, so when the quality manager of the customer comes to the grade inspection, it is found that the quality is not acceptable to the customer.

Some of our customers had bad experience on this ,they thought every buyer has the same quality requirements ,but actually not ,they produced all their plywood accoring to their current customers’s requirements .

As the China radiata pine plywood to the USA just started volume production and exporting,so many factories have confused about the grading rules ,the suppliers should not set light by the advice of their customers.So many suppliers don’t have rich experience in prouducing good radiata pine plywood .

For radiata pine plywood ,need to confirm the following key points when making for USA buyers ,these are just parts of the personal  idea ,not only the Moisture content ,thickness tolerance and sizes ,flatness and smoothness .

THe other major problems often came are the telegraphing ,because of the radiata pine has resin pockets ,much more oil than birch or other hardwood or softwood ,like paint ,the thin pine face veneer is like a piece of transparent paper,so ,any small quality problems will be enlarged and come out and see clearly through the pine face veneer .

Second major problem is the veneer joint marks ,as the pine is too thin and softwood ,if the platform has not used color-matched glue coverage ,the veneer joints can see through the pine face veneer ,we call it white line joints marks .

Even use the same platform used for birch face veneer lamination ,if not well repaired or produced ,the radiata pine plywood can have more open manufacturing defects .



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