Increased domestic demand for wood caused by rising softwood prices

Increased domestic demand for wood caused by rising softwood prices

In November 2017, the price of softwood in the United States reached the highest point in history, and the price of cork soared by 30%. It was originally thought that it would take high tariffs to Canadian producers, but in the end it would be the consumers of the United States. Bring negative effects. The

Originally thought that the cork market price in 2018 will decline, but still has not avoided the reality that cork is soaring toward the direction of “high price”. As of now, cork prices have risen to historical highs, and it is possible to reach new heights again!

According to analysts’ analysis, this is the highest price since January 1995. After a sharp increase, although there was a short pause, prices continued to rise in February this year. Imported wood gradually takes up a share of domestically produced timber, and poplar wood is also largely replaced, making it the first choice for wood-based panels. The

With the increase of wood raw materials, it is extremely difficult to realize the reversal between supply and demand in the short term, which is one of the reasons for the increase in the price of cork. Demand is increasing, supply shortages are occurring, and the shortage of domestic shipments is, to a certain extent, helping to increase the price of cork. The

As far as southern pines are concerned, judging from the development of recent months, preservative woods often use some relatively large wooden structural materials, and the requirements for wood are also high. Ordinary wood preservatives can hardly satisfy structural materials. Used, and with time, problems are also prone to problems. The

Therefore, southern pine wood has become the best choice for wooden landscape structure. With the rapid development of technology, the annual consumption of wood-based panels in China has reached 10.2 million cubic meters, and the increase in glue sales will bring about a certain degree of impact on the viscous degree of wood. In order to solve this problem, reduce the use of petrochemicals. Due to the dependence on resources, sales of Southern Pine preservative wood also increased.

Compared with hardwood, the market for cork is more widely used, and the demand for the market is even greater. For example, in coastal areas and other places, there are basically 5-6 boats of cork arriving at the alley each month, and each cargo ship’s The shipment volume is about 30,000 cubic meters, which means that the number of cork in the coastal areas will reach about 150,000 cubic meters. The

In the future, China needs to return farmland to forests and protect forests. The government has also introduced a series of forestland protection policies. This also reflects the fact that China’s softwood production will be reduced, so it will be supplemented by imported softwood. The

As the sales price continues to increase, more and more buyers will use spruce-pine-hemflies (SPF) instead of southern pine. These are all higher-yielding wood and the produced wood is also on the market. Promote SPF.

Driven by policies, a large number of companies that fail to meet the standards will be punished accordingly, and will also affect the stock on the market. With the contradictions being further intensified, raw material growth and increasing environmental protection costs will lead to overall cork prices. The rise. The

From the perspective of the entire international market, the growth rate of Douglas-fir is slowing down, so some traders think this is the best situation today. The price of foreign suppliers is rising from 880 US dollars / thousand board feet to 920 US dollars / thousand board feet.

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