Wood-based panel price increase has been set

Wood-based panel price increase has been set

After the Spring Festival, along with the market’s sustained release of post-holiday demand and the increasingly environmental protection of news, the national plate market ushered in a wave of inertial prices.

The Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival are over. With the downstream home building materials, decoration and other industries gradually started, the market demand is gradually released, but this year’s environmental protection and high pressure policy, especially the environmental protection in the northern region, led to high prices of raw materials and chemical raw materials for the plate. Floor plate companies raised product prices, while more companies are currently waiting and seeing, but their willingness to raise prices is strong, and subsequent estimates will also increase prices.

The main reason for price increase

From January 2018 onwards, heavily polluted weather continued to occur in the 28 cities and districts of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and heavy pollution weather warnings were initiated in all regions. Langfang, Xingtai and Heze plate materials companies in the Tianjin, Tianjin, and Hebei air pollution passages were all within production restriction and production stoppages. At the same time, the strict investigation of the environmental protection of the chemical industry in the northern region has led to the rise in the price of chemical raw materials in the sheet industry. This surge in price rises from the north and quickly swept the country. It is understood that multi-plate companies issued price notifications, and some companies that did not increase their prices are still in a wait-and-see mode. The possibility of subsequent price increases is still very high.

Hebei: Langfang area is the forerunner in this wave of price increases. Since February 28, plate companies in the Hebei region have been still in semi-active mode due to weather conditions. The rise in chemical raw materials and the increase in production costs caused by frequent start-ups are the main reasons for the increase in plate prices.

It is understood that most local companies in Langfang have already raised their plate prices. The price increase companies are mostly MDF and chipboard companies. Local companies report that due to the proximity to Beijing, whether the company is qualified for rectification or not, the weather is poor, and the pollution level has reached Level I and Level II. It will shut down the plate company.

Wood-based panel price increase has been set

Shandong: Linyi as a plate base, although some companies are currently subject to cost pressures to increase prices, but most are still waiting to see, on the one hand, companies believe that the current price increase rate can be digested through the control of production costs, on the other hand, do brand chain The companies are relatively cautious with respect to price adjustments and have not changed for the time being, but the local board companies also stated that if the price of raw materials rises in the future, the price of the products will still rise.

In addition, there are rumours that the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Summit will be held in Qingdao in June. The meeting will develop friendly relations with neighboring countries and develop the “Belt and Road” Silk Road strategy. The convening of the conference will have an impact on the production of chemicals in the surrounding areas, and the sheet metal industry will be affected. The reporter has not yet checked the suspension of production and production restriction notification issued by the relevant government, and will pay close attention to it in the later period.

Wood-based panel price increase has been set

Zhejiang: Some sheet metal companies in Jiashan stated that they are not affected by the price increase at the moment, but it is a fact that the price of decorative paper and gypsum board is high. If the cost of raw materials rises too late, the company will also pass the pressure and adjust the price appropriately. Jiangsu: According to reports, the price of some sheet companies in Liyang, Jiangsu Province has been raised, and the prices of gypsum board and decorative paper companies have risen. The prices of density board companies have increased, mainly because of the price rises of formaldehyde and other chemical raw materials.

Wood-based panel price increase has been set

Other areas: In addition to the traditional plate gathering place, the prices of Jiangxi, Guangxi and some other enterprises have also been raised. This is the first large-scale price adjustment after the plate year. The increase in raw materials and production costs are incentives. , And it is a hard issue that companies need to face. Therefore, future industry-wide price adjustments will be inevitable.

Although the situation is tense, the market outlook is still optimistic. With the fierce competition in the Chinese real estate market and the accelerating process of urbanization, the people’s living standards have greatly improved, living conditions have continued to improve, disposable income has increased, people’s demand for household products has increased, and consumer tastes have also increased. Also gradually excavated. These have prompted the sustainable development of the wood processing industry, but the problems are also obvious. In addition to environmental protection and price increases, companies should also focus on industry issues, optimize the market environment and promote the healthy development of the industry.

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