The Second China (Linyi) Whole House Custom Boutique Exhibition

The Second China (Linyi) Whole House Custom Boutique Exhibition

2018 China Linyi Whole House Customization Choiceness Exhibition

Time: 20-22 April 2018 Venue: Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center

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I. Introduction

With the completion of the 2017 China Linyi Whole House Custom (custom home) boutique exhibition, the 2018 Second China (Linyi) Whole House Custom Boutique Exhibition is about to open a new curtain. The second China (Linyi) Whole House Custom Boutique Exhibition will be held on April 20-22, 2018 at the Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center.

2017 China Linyi Whole House Custom (Customized Home) Boutique Exhibition takes the theme of “new starting point, new leap, new height and new concept” and aims to create “the most influential whole house custom communication platform in the north” for the purpose of accelerating The development of the internationalization of Linyi Mall in Shandong Province has promoted the exchange and cooperation among the industries, promoted the transformation and upgrading of Linyi Wood, and contributed to the prosperity and development of China’s whole house custom industry. The exhibition covers the whole house custom (custom home), furniture, furniture machinery and accessories, raw and auxiliary materials, wood floors, etc. There are 326 exhibiting companies with an exhibition area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters, equivalent to 1362 standard booths, including enterprises Special equipment accounts for more than 85%. In addition, there were 29,722 professional dealers visiting the exhibition and 7,585 terminal purchasers. Professional buyers mainly concentrated in several major provinces such as Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei and Anhui, accounting for 86.9% of the total. Buyers purchased more house-wide customization (custom home furnishings), furniture, machinery and equipment, and raw and auxiliary materials. Among them, 56.7% of total house custom (custom home) purchases, 9.6% of purchase furniture, and procurement of machinery and equipment The proportion of 27.5%, procurement of raw and auxiliary materials accounted for 6.2%.

As the only full-house custom professional exhibition in Shandong, the 2018 Second China (Linyi) Whole House Custom Boutique Exhibition will expand the exhibition area and increase the scope of publicity on the basis of the success of the previous exhibition. The participating companies will go through the home market. Upstream and downstream, covers the whole house custom, custom home, furniture, cabinet wardrobe, wooden doors, wood floors, furniture production equipment and accessories, accessories and other large home concept of the entire theme of the product, the exhibition area of ​​60,000 square meters, more than 600 companies to Exhibitors will participate in the exhibition; at the same time, in the promotion of the exhibition, the 2018 Second China (Linyi) Whole House Custom Boutique Exhibition will still be centered on Linyi, Shandong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Hubei eight The provinces focus on the promotion of the region and at the same time radiate other areas in the country and carry out diversified publicity and promotion.

While maintaining the growth of various categories of traditional exhibitions, the new exhibition will comprehensively integrate the industrial chain, tap new growth points of the exhibition, expand new categories of exhibitions, further enhance the quality, scale and grade of the exhibition, and create more advanced industry exchanges and new product launches. , to enhance the brand image of the best promotional platform.

In April 2018, Qilu invited you to participate in the grand event. Damei Linyi welcomes you!

Second, the organization

Organizer: China Wood and Wood Products Distribution Association

China Interior Decoration Association

Shandong Fred International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Organizer: Shandong Fred International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: Shandong Province Wood and Wood Products Distribution Association

Hebei Province Wood Products Home Custom Industry Association

Linyi Wood Industry Association

Linyi City Federation of Industry and Decoration Board Association

Supporter: China Furniture Association

Linyi City Wood Industry Transformation and Upgrading Leading Group Office

Linyi Shopping Mall Management Committee

Linyi City Bureau of Commerce

Third, the scope of exhibition

1. Whole House Customization (Overall Home)

Whole house customization, custom home, furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, kitchens, sliding doors, sliding doors, ceilings, partition systems, etc.;

2, the whole home improvement (integrated home)

Solid wood overall decoration, solid wood custom system, wooden doors, wooden floors, wooden stairs, wooden windows, integrated home custom home, aluminum home, bedroom system, living room system, restaurant system, kitchen system, etc.;

3, furniture machinery, woodworking machinery and accessories

Furniture production machinery, woodworking machinery, engraving machinery and CNC machining centers, furniture testing, edge banding machines, cutting machines, coating/drying machines, woodworking tools, mechanical parts, abrasives, abrasives, testing instruments, etc.;

4, smart home

Smart home control system, intelligent lighting system, home appliance control, burglar alarm, smart lock, home design, etc.;

5, raw and auxiliary materials

Furniture hardware and accessories, furniture paint and chemical raw materials, hardware locks, cloth, leather, sponges, plastics and PVC, veneer materials, packaging materials, all kinds of carpets.

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