Suqian wood panels industry welcomes environmental protection reform

Suqian wood panels industry welcomes environmental protection reform

It is understood that on April 17th, Suqian City held the “Key City Industry VOCS Governance Technology Training and Improvement Promotion Conference” to comprehensively strengthen the VOCs pollution prevention and control work, and clearly stipulated severe punishment exceeding the standard. VOCs that fail to meet the standard will be ordered to correct or restrict production, stop production and rectification, and impose a fine of more than 100,000 yuan but not more than 1 million yuan; if the circumstances are serious, they shall be ordered to suspend production or close down; if they are fined, they shall be ordered to make corrections and refusal to make corrections. In accordance with the amount of the original penalty, it can be punished continuously on a daily basis. The

VOCs (Volatile Organic Waste Gases) are one of the most common atmospheric pollutants. They are important precursors for the formation of ozone (O3) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution, and are important factors affecting the number of days with good air quality. Has an adverse effect. Chemicals, automobile manufacturing, printing, furniture, plate processing, etc. are often key industries for the emission of VOCs from organic vapors. The

According to local companies, the environmental remediation in Suqian has been started since last year, and it has been gradually rectified. It is not like some outsiders say that Suqian’s environmental protection is very loose and loopholes can be found. In addition, many companies in Suqian took a lesson from their counterparts in Linyi, closely followed the national situation, and spontaneously initiated a green transformation. Nowadays, local plate companies mostly rely on natural gas, and boilers are rare, and sewage and dust are treated. Because the cost of raw materials, labor, and environmental protection management has increased, the local plate in Suqian has now reached the third wave of price increases. It is learned that the wood-based panel has probably risen by 78 yuan per piece. The

Suqian held a rectification conference to increase the supervision of VOCs emission companies. It will inevitably accelerate the industry reshuffle speed, eliminate the backward and outdated enterprises, will only make the industry develop better, and make the strong stronger

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