Furniture factory has hidden security risks

Furniture factory has hidden security risks
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Yesterday, Xiqiao Town Environmental Protection, Fire Protection, Safety Supervision, Power Supply, Urban Management and other functional departments formed a joint law enforcement team for air pollution prevention work. They went to Chaoshan Industrial Park, Shangen Industrial Park, Datong Industrial Park, and Xiangang Industrial Park for surprise inspections. The Chinese Communist Party has conducted power outage inspections on six factories and enterprises that have no business licenses, no environmental impact assessment procedures, and no safety production procedures.

On the same day, the joint law enforcement team came to a furniture factory in Xiangang Industrial Zone and discovered that the dust in the workshop was filled with a semi-finished product such as coffee tables, wooden components, screens, etc. on the factory floor. The ground was covered with thick dust, and the wood chips polished by the workers were free. Stacked in a corner, there is no dust collection device in the workshop, only three or four industrial fans are used to ventilate and cool the workshop.

According to law enforcement officials, there are six major steps in the manufacture of wood furniture. Among them, three processes of cutting, processing, and grinding will generate a lot of dust and noise. The three processes of paneling, spraying, and painting will generate a large number of chemical pollutants, especially Spraying, this requires the need to do a good job of environmental protection measures. However, the plant did not go through the environmental protection examination and approval procedures, did not handle fire safety inspection, and did not have environmental pollution control facilities. “The paint spray room must be filtered to discharge harmful substances into the air, but the factory sprayed paint directly on the second floor of the workshop. The disposal of the exhaust gas at the end poses a great danger to the atmosphere.”

In addition, the furniture factory also has problems such as blocking of fire passages, blocking of fire hydrants, and lack of safety inspection records for fire equipment. Therefore, the Joint Law Enforcement Team immediately imposed a power outage on the furniture factory.

In a shoe factory in the Xiangang Industrial Zone, law enforcement officers have already smelled a pungent odor before they entered the factory. Into the inside, it was discovered that the plant illegally used biomass fuel. The production solvent was randomly stored in the corner of the workshop, and environmental approvals were not handled. The fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers were not placed in the workshop, and the workers worked in the workshop without any safety protection facilities. In this regard, the joint law enforcement team legally applied the power cut-off treatment to the plant and ordered the plant to relocate within a time limit.

From April 18th, the Xiqiao Town Development Committee carried out special deepening and rectification of VOCs industry around the key supervision industry—furniture and wood products industry. As of yesterday, the joint law enforcement team conducted a total investigation of 8 VOCs-related factories and enterprises, of which, 2 factories have ceased production. The other 6 companies have no business license, no environmental protection related examination and acceptance procedures, no safety production standardization certificate or With the “three-in-one” and other issues, the environmental protection department has ordered the factory to stop production and relocate within a time limit. The

It is reported that since the 2017 furniture and wood products industry launched a special rectification operation, Xiqiao Town Environmental Protection Department implemented dynamic management of furniture and wood products factory enterprises in the town, and basically completed the procedures for incomplete cleanup and serious pollution of furniture companies. Safeguard air quality and environmental safety

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