CCTV Reports Nankang Furniture Pollution, or Welcomes a Round of Strict Environmental Protection Campaigns

CCTV Reports Nankang Furniture Pollution, or Welcomes a Round of Strict Environmental Protection Campaigns

Release Date: 2018-4-20 Source: Network
On April 16th, CCTV Financial’s “Half an Hour in Economy” column covered the “black factory hidden in the mountain village” as the theme and reported that “the pollution of the oil cloud pool furniture company in Qingyun Village, Fuxing Town, Nankang District was serious”. The

On the morning of April 17, Nankang District held a dispatch meeting for pollution control work. District Party Secretary Xu Bing attended and delivered a speech. The deputy secretary of the district party committee and the head of the district government, He Shanjin, deployed relevant work. Peng Xiusheng, Yan Guoxiong, Huang Xi, Chen Yu, Lai Yanchen, Li Zhaoxing, Li Chunping, four groups of leaders and other relevant county-level leading cadres attend. The

At the meeting, the causes and circumstances of the environmental pollution were carefully analyzed, and the environmental pollution prevention and control work in the jurisdiction was arranged. Secretary Xu stressed that the fundamental purpose of development is to enable the people to live a happy and beautiful life. At no time at the cost of sacrificing the environment and sacrificing the health of the masses, can it be used in exchange for short-term development benefits. We must resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, dismantle green sheds, shut down polluting enterprises, and force companies to take eco-environmental development to prevent environmental pollution and ecological damage. We must be hard-pressed to solve environmental problems and quickly implement the environmental protection rectification work. The

He Zongchang should clean up and remove sources of pollution from water sources to ensure the safety of water sources, take forced shutdowns in accordance with the law of the polluting enterprises, and illegally dismantle buildings in accordance with the law. We must do a good job in rectification of air pollution prevention and control issues, focus on comprehensive urban-rural environmental improvement, rural garbage management, and protection of woodland on cultivated land, and comprehensively rectify enterprises in the region that are “scattered, small, chaotic, and polluted” and fight pollution prevention and control. The

Prior to this, the participants also watched central television “economic half-hour” report “black factory hidden in the mountain village.” The

Next, Nankang furniture industry will usher in a new round of strict environmental protection rectification actions! Great scale! Resolute attitude! Smoke factories, painting operations and other environmental non-compliance factories will be required to shut down and rectify!

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