Heze Zhuangzhai Town: Strengthen Characteristic Timber Industry Promote Industry Transformation and Upgrade

Heze Zhuangzhai Town: Strengthen Characteristic Timber Industry Promote Industry Transformation and Upgrade
2018-04-23 Source: Heze Daily
Zhuangzhai Town, Cao County, Heze City, Shandong Province, relying on the advantages of the local wood industry, accelerates the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, further strengthens the characteristic pillar industry, and promotes industrial transformation and upgrading, and healthy and rapid development. At present, the town has 10 city-level forestry leading enterprises, 5 forestry industrialization leading enterprises in Shandong Province, 1 national forestry industry standardization demonstration enterprise, 1 state-level well-known trademark, and the only country in the man-made board industry in Heze City. Famous brand names include 4 famous trademarks in Shandong Province and 4 famous brand products in provincial level.
Zhuangzhai Town is a well-known plate-making capital in China. At present, forestry processing industry clusters dominated by paulownia and poplar have been formed, which has initially formed a booming trend in the total volume of wood processing expanding year by year and the industry becoming stronger and stronger. The town has a total of 1700 various types of wood manufacturing enterprises, 5,000 individual processing households, employing 60,000 people. In 2017, 91 enterprises above designated size in the town reached the total industrial output value of 11 billion yuan, an increase of 10%; annual production of 3 million cubic meters of various types of plates, plate production accounts for about 20% of the national total, and exports reached 8.5 Billion US dollars, exports of Tongmu products accounted for 70% of the country’s exports of similar wood products.
The main products of the town’s wood industry have grown from the production of primary laminates, particleboards, etc. to more than 1,000 varieties such as mid- to high-grade blockboards, density boards, plywood, fire retardant boards, plywood, particle board, ecological boards, and blockboards. With 600 registered trademarks, a relatively complete industrial system, led by wood processing, sheet metal production, and furniture manufacturing, and adhesives, woodworking machinery, and equipment maintenance, was initially formed. As some plate companies started to trial production of all kinds of furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, paulownia wood crafts, wooden furniture, high-end furniture accessories and other end products gradually increase the proportion of wood machinery, adhesives and other products developed rapidly, the industrial chain is perfect, there is a tree, From the trunk to the branches, roots and bark, all of them are all materials that enterprises need. From the purchase of raw materials, the processing of plate processing, to the export of packaging, the production and operation chain has been refined to more than 20 links. .
In recent years, the town party committee and government have attached great importance to the development of the wood industry, adopted positive and effective measures, promoted the rapid development of the wood industry, and continuously enhanced its overall strength. Last year, the town’s wood industry output value exceeded 100 million yuan enterprises 68, industrial output value reached 8.8 billion yuan, accounting for 18.6% of the total wood production value. At present, the town has 10 wood companies passed the ISO9001, ISO9002, ISO2008 and other international related quality system certification and national geographical indication product certification.
With the expansion of industrial scale and the increase of industrial concentration, especially the town attaches great importance to environmental protection and corporate governance, the industrial base has become more stable. It has always occupied an important position in the same industry in the country, and its influence is increasing.

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