Environmental upgrading

Environmental upgrading is not just about environment and health, but also the hope and confidence that people live.

This year, the Spring Festival, the Jiangsu region, especially the Xuzhou region, the most stringent environmental upgrading since history, the factory has no national requirements of industrial policy, no environmental assessment, no environmental protection equipment, no business license, dirty, dirty, all shut down to rectify or close.

To tell the truth, many people are very exclusive at the very beginning, because this short pain has made many enterprises and employees lose the money source of their life.

Later, more and more enterprises and employees realize that long pain is not as short as short pain, especially to complain to the hospital every day, stop the polluting industries or companies ,try to make the sky bluer, water clearer, make the air fresher, make the environment better and make people healthier.

Many factories have been shut down for rectification, increasing funds to invest in environmental protection equipment, and improving the working environment of factories.

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