Shuyang environmental protection and more measures to promote the local wood panels  prices

Shuyang environmental protection and more measures to promote the local wood panels  prices
2018-05-04 Source: Internet
Notice from the Office of the Special Action Team for Two Reductions and Six Governing and Three Uplifts in Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province issued a notice “Since May 1st, all 10 steam tons/hour and below of the county’s boilers in use are prohibited from using coal, scrap and rubbish. The top-level penalties will be imposed, and the situation will be severe. It will also take actions to restrict production, stop production, stop production or close down!”
The notice also highlighted the importance of the plate production towns such as Qingyi Lake, Sanxu Town, and Yinuan. In these plate towns, domestic large and medium-sized plate brands are involved, and small plate companies are struggling.

Qingyihu Town: Fuqing Plate, Qingsheng Building Formwork, Tuanyuan Tuanyuan Plate, Pingan Tree Plate, Linzhiyuan Plate, Jiqiang Building Profile, etc.;
Longmiao Town: Hongyi construction template, Leybold flame retardant board, etc.;
Yinguan Town: Blue Lamb Plate, Cub Bebe Plate, Jinlong Tree Plate, New Concept Building Template, etc.;
Sang Hui Town: stupid cat plate, haha bear plate, etc.;
The coal-fired boiler rectification conference continued to advance, and the “100-day action” mobilization meeting for environmental protection, safe production, and production capacity inspection in the Economic Development Zone of Suiyang County was also in full swing. It is reported that the three “hundred days of operations” began from April 16 to July 25.
The trend of environmental rectification in Suiyang County was tightened, and at the same time that the sales of plate materials in May and June soared, local plate manufacturers used centralized supply of steam and the cost increased accordingly. At present, plate companies have issued price adjustment notices. It is hoped that the distributors involved will prepare the goods so as to avoid the situation that the supply is not timely, customer disputes, etc.


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