Is the heavier  weighte of the wood really better

Is the heavier  weighte of the wood really better?

Release Date: 2018-5-25 Source: China Wood Industry Information Network
Some consumers will be affected by reasonable ideas and social misconceptions when they purchase solid wood flooring or solid wood furniture. In the subconscious, they must think that the heavier the floor, the better the weight. OK, is this true?
Misunderstanding to see smart good practices
Wrong! The weight of the wood is related to the air-dry density. The finer the wood fiber, the higher the air-dry density of the floor and the heavier the weight. However, the heavier the water-absorbing expansion rate of the floor is, the higher the shrinkage rate is. In other words, the heavier the floor denaturation is.
The correct point of view
Sun Shudong, director of the Furniture Inspection and Wood Identification Laboratory at the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that the statement that the greater the density of wood is, the more stable it is. Like some well-stabilized woods such as teak, pineapple, mahogany, etc., their density is not high, and the high density and quality are not necessarily proportional to the relationship, not high density can be called good wood.
There is indeed a problem of wet shrinkage and shrinkage of wood, but if the production process is in place, the wood is dried properly, and the joints are left in place, and solid wood furniture and solid wood flooring are difficult to crack and deform. For example, in the production process of solid wood flooring, the most critical is the wood drying process. If the drying is not done well, the resulting floor will be easily cracked and deformed. If it is dried in place, the wood itself will be relieved of stress and will not be deformed. , cracking problem.

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