Full-packaged, all-inclusive, one-stop, consumers are “played” by home companies

Full-packaged, all-inclusive, one-stop, consumers are “played” by home companies

Release Date: 2018-6-11 Source: Network
During the years when Internet decoration was popular, the “package model” was the most popular in the entire industry. Good-looking artists and eye-catching copywriters, home improvement companies whose “Internet +” closed their “subversive” style have received a lot of attention, but they have not left too many good reputations. The

Today, Internet decoration has been replaced by “wholesale,” “all-inclusive,” “one-stop,” “bag-in,” and “what you see is what you get.” Whenever a decoration company is found on the market, it will put the above words on its own advertisements. There are more and more consumers who are afraid of trouble and want to worry. Is the most popular so-called “integration” now the best choice? Have you ever been able to work in a “one-stop” way? The

Process interruption, delivery delay, after-sales wrangling, a lot of worry, “completely loaded” is not neat

At present, the packaged products appearing on the market are basically similar. The price per square meter ranges from a few hundred to a thousand dollars, including construction, main materials, accessories, furniture, lamps, soft fittings, and even some even include home appliances. . In view of this, a rough house was handed over to the home improvement company. After two months, it was really possible to check it out.

Facts have proved that the signing of the contract but delaying the start of work, hard-packed after three months of soft-packed delays are not in place everywhere. According to an industry source, the family’s basic decoration, or the customization of a group of cabinets and a set of doors, may have various problems with delivery time, not to mention the home improvement company from hard-mounted to soft-packed. The

Although strategic purchase contracts were signed with cabinet brands, floor brands, and furniture brands, many things are still “someone else calls the shots” and the home improvement companies themselves are difficult to control. “It’s nice to hear that it’s the integration of the supply chain. If you say that it’s ugly, you’re eating in a bowl, and you’re thinking about the pot.” They all want to eat it as fat.

During the visit, the reporter found that customized products such as doors and cabinets are most prone to problems in the design, distribution, installation, and other aspects, and they have the largest amount of complaints from the quality to the duration. In addition, because of the large number of company-related business units involved in “integration,” once problems arise, from design to quotation, to construction, material management, assembly, etc., all departments will have related responsibilities. The solution will take longer and the duration will be longer. The delay is long. The

After all, home is not a model room.

Cheaper packaged products, the price per square meter is about 1,000 yuan, 80 square meters of the house, 80,000 yuan can almost get. Slightly expensive, the price per square meter is about 2,000 yuan, which is still 80 square meters, and about 160,000 yuan can be won. It seems that what counts is more cost-effective than the consumer running the market, buying the main material, buying furniture and home appliances. The

A well-known full-installed home improvement company, a designer who asked not to be named told reporters: “Zero increase is simply not possible.” Usually, sales staff will take consumers to visit different styles, different prices of the model room, and then according to consumption The choice of the person and the actual area in his home calculate the quote. The

But one of the big problems is that no one’s home is exactly the same as the model. Half of the hydropower reform has been done, and the amount of money has increased greatly. Consumers will not be able to do so after all; floor tiles in the package will be discontinued, and other options will be too ugly and can only be upgraded and better; in a room To send 5 pieces of furniture, to count as one less nightstand, to go out with a single style is not uniform, simply add one more bar … … Ming and secret, want to clean up the house without a point, almost impossible to achieve. The

At the same time, the designer also reminded consumers that there are many more contract terms and more words, and they must read it carefully before signing it. “A lot of companies are making articles in the contract. There are really too few consumers to see.”

Soft fittings use too much force, “exclusive design” flows to formalism

After in-depth understanding of the market is not difficult to find, “design” is to avoid the majority of self-contained brands to talk about, a small number of main design, but also in the style of the model to do a full article, with soft accessories to make up for the lack of hard-design . However, only consumers who have actually participated in the renovation know that design is ubiquitous. The

According to the type of each household and living habits of the occupants, we can determine what each space is used to do, how to put the wardrobe, what kind of structure inside, whether the bathroom may be wet and dry separation, the restaurant is a square table or a round table … and reality What? “This large room is the master bedroom.” “The cabinets are on these three models. You can choose one of them and replace it with a basket.” “The model room is a square table, and it’s a provincial place.” Salespeople may become designers. Designers who really need to understand consumer demand carefully may not have appeared from beginning to end. The

Of course, we have also seen high-value home space in many model home improvement companies. However, for consumers, the “brighter eye” is seen by professionals as “excessive use of force” on soft fittings. Many consumers without decoration experience, as well as renters and relocated households will pay for beautiful wallpapers, colorful wall paints, and foreign-style furniture, but they ignore the hard-installed design that is the basis of a house that “has a good life”. From this point of view, “tailored” design services are difficult to enjoy throughout the product.

“All-inclusive” furniture mostly OEM OEM, quality is difficult to par with the real

In general, most consumers of construction technology do not know much about it. Home improvement companies cut corners and work here. There is a lot of caution here. Consumers will find it difficult to detect problems if they are not used. The main materials such as cabinets, toilets, tiles, and floors, as well as furniture such as sofas, TV cabinets, beds, and wardrobes, are important factors that consumers feel “good and bad”. After all, this is a “plus item” for “integrated” products.

When we visited the home improvement company on the market, we discovered that, for main materials such as cabinets, bathroom products, ceramic tiles, and flooring, home improvement companies would choose to cooperate with the second and third tier brands to centralize purchases of some “older” brands. The cost will not be too high.

The furniture and lamps are almost always looking for factories to produce their own brands to provide to consumers. A person in charge of a furniture brand told reporters: “Even if there are many well-known furniture brands on the market, there may be problems in quality. Sofas are not filled with high-quality sponges, furniture sheets exceed formaldehyde, and OEM-made furniture is certainly the first to consider ‘prices.’ ‘The factor, although it can’t be said to be bad, but after all, it’s a matter of price.”

Ms. Huang, a consumer who has experienced “Internet home improvement”, told reporters that online consultations promised to be very good, everything was packaged and everything was in charge, and it was troublesome during the actual construction process. “Today I told me that the amount of kicking line is not enough. I have to add more money and buy it. Tomorrow, I will tell you that the package contains doors but no door covers and window covers. I have to add money to buy them,” said Ms. Huang. Almost every day there have been a variety of unexpected additions. The order of 80,000 yuan has almost doubled in the end.”

Indeed, when a lot of “what you see is what you get” becomes “invisible, you must add money.” The so-called “integration” also “consumes” consumers. Although all the problems mentioned above in the “all-in-one” industry are not fully occupied by every family, it does not mean that consumers can choose to believe without hesitation. It should be noted that when the gods in the home industry are reaching out to your entire family, the light “looks at the beauty” is not enough, if you can see and feel, you will have a variety of details.” Inquire at the bottom, perhaps to avoid some unnecessary trouble.

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