UPM to start selling FSC certified plywood in the UK and France

UPM to start selling FSC certified plywood in the UK and France

UPM, Europe’s leading plywood manufacturer, has been selling its wood products as PEFC labelled since 2000. From April 1 onwards, WISA-Birch plywood will be available in the UK market as FSC labelled.

FSC labelled WISA-Birch plywood is manufactured at UPM’s Estonian mill. FSC certification of high quality WISA-birch plywood makes the product even more attractive to meet the demands of today’s environmentally-conscious end users.

In line with UPM’s environmental commitment, the FSC and PEFC logos guarantee that the wood used in these products is legally sourced and originates from well managed FSC/PEFC certified forests.

UPM is committed to sustainable forest management and recognises that the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection are a true requisite for responsible business operations. UPM aims at increasing the use of certified wood in its products and supports all credible forest certification schemes such as FSC and PEFC.


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