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The People Who Share is a social enterprise that helps you participate in the Sharing Economy. Our mission is to mainstream the Sharing Economy worldwide.

We work with a network of partners worldwide to deliver services and activities for people and companies across the private, public and voluntary sector – our objective is your participation and success in this exciting new sector.

Our Sharing Economy Consultancy offers masterclasses, workshops, dinners and events; strategy and business model innovation; research and intelligence.

We are also the people behind the largest mass engagement campaign on the Sharing Economy –  Global Sharing Week –  plus we host the Share Guide, the most extensive directory of Sharing services worldwide.

Our purpose

We’re committed to reshaping the world through the Sharing Economy, helping people and organisations across all sectors participate. Our passion is unlocking the sharing potential that exists and creating value for all. Our mission is to mainstream the Sharing Economy worldwide.

Our vision of the future is a thriving, sustainable and fair Sharing Economy, where our collective capability meets our collective needs and we collaborate to enhance each other’s lives, protect our planet and create wealth from which everybody benefits.

Our Values

BRAVE: We inspire you to be brave and future facing. We know that the future economy will be built around the sharing of human and physical resources.

SAVVY: We help you to participate in the Sharing Economy through a smart use of knowledge, experience and insight.

EXCEL: We ensure your success in the Sharing Economy and that the value created is at once economic, social and environmental.

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