About Altripan

About Altripan

Altripan has a proven track record of more than 45 years of knowledge and experience.

Our business model is based on sustainability, quality, continuity, excellent business relationships and integrity.

Altripan is closely involved in the production process of plywood/panel products, and closely controls the logistics. We therefore guarantee high quality plywood, large availability and reliable advice.

Altripan has  been working for several years towards EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation).  We can guarantee that all products are compliant with this new timber regulation.  Both our UK & Continental businesses have been successfully audited by LIGNA for UK and CTBI for Antwerp.

Large selection of commodity plywood

Altripan NV

Luithagen Haven 19
2030 Antwerp

T +32 (0)3 542 61 60
F +32 (0)3 542 04 02


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