Wolstenholme International

Wolstenholme International offers a range of imported marine plywood panels to meet the needs of boat builders, yacht manufacturers, and pleasure-craft hobbyists, with the highest quality plywood available on the market today. We work exclusively with plywood manufacturers in Europe and Southeast Asia and have jointly developed custom plywood panels to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

All of our marine plywood panels are manufactured to the British standards for marine grade plywood. This standard is the most stringent worldwide standard by which plywood is manufactured, sought after by boat builders and architects alike, when perfection is the only option. The British Standard 1088 grading rules, or BS1088, mandates which species may be used, construction of the panel, quality of layup, veneer grading, and accepted adhesives. Another quality-control standard often seen, in conjunction with the BS1088 standard, is the Lloyd’s Register Type Approval. The Lloyds register is a third party certifying body that issues certificates to manufacturers to ensure the conformity to the BS1088 standard. We currently offer marine plywood options, with and without the Lloyd’s Type Approval, depending on the needs of our customers.



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