How to buy infrared sauna

How to buy infrared sauna
Here is a list of steps you might need to take to purchase an infrared sauna. It covers an entire process of buying – from making a decision, through choosing an appropriate model and to placing an order in a shop. It is intended to be short, so you can quickly scan it in a couple of minutes to make sure that there is nothing you overlooked. If you want to seek info on one particular step, there are usually some links to other posts under each point, where a deeper coverage of your topic of interest can be found.

The purpose of this list is to provide a starting point to anyone who considers buying an infrared sauna. From here you can explore the contents of this site that intended to help you to make a right decision. I recommend bookmarking this page, so you can return to it after you dive into one or another topic. This page will be constantly updated as more info will appear.

Making decision. Even if you already made a decision to buy an infrared sauna, stop here for a moment and glance through this points. They will help you to gather your thoughs on why you need an infrared sauna after all and can change your decision in case you missed some of the points.
Check if you are subject to any contradictions to infrared saunas and consult your doctor. You or some members or your family can have contraindications to an infrared sauna. Consulting a doctor is a must, especially for children and old people. Here is a list of most common contraindications to infrared saunas. Keep in mind that it is not exhaustive. Another great medical infrared sauna resource is Far Infrared Sauna Therapy website by Justin Tobias. To go further into effects of heat and infrared on a human body, take a glance my Infrared sauna and health series.
Try an infrared sauna in your local spa or fitness center. Buying an infrared sauna without trying it first can turn into a big waste of money and energy. Read some tips for trying an infrared sauna in your local spa or fitness center. Also there is some ideas where to look for infrared sauna tryouts.
Decide where you want to place an infrared sauna. These goes beyond just checking dimensions of your house and figuring out what sauna dimensions you can afford. Much more important is to choose a low-humidity, dry and level place, for safety reasons. Be extremely careful when planning to place a sauna outdoors. An improperly installed infrared sauna can be dangerous to your health as in contains electrical wirings and infrared heaters. Decide which outlet will power you sauna. Installation of a dedicated outlet is recommended. Here is a tip which tells how to use some paper and scissors to find a place where to install an infrared sauna.It is helpful to review this step later as you will choose an infrared sauna model.
Choosing a sauna model. When you decided that you want an infrared sauna and have no obstacles to buy it, the main challenge is to choose a right sauna model. Most probably you already have some vision of a sauna you want, and you need to find a real sauna that matches your vision. There are many subtle details you need to consider when choosing a sauna to prevent possible future frustrations, such as a material of which sauna will be made or type of infrared heaters it uses. Next steps describe the process of an infrared sauna model choosing.
Choose an infrared sauna type you want. All infrared saunas can be divided into three distinct types. First type is a classic infrared sauna which resembles traditional steam sauna. Second type is a portable folding sauna tent you can sit in with head out of the sauna. Third type of sauna is where you need to lie in, and usually comes in the form of an infrared sauna dome or sometimes as an infrared sauna blanket or bag.
Decide if you want to have any additional options installed. Many saunas can have CD/DVD/radio player optionally installed, and some other options can be possible (such as air ionizer).
Read reviews and comparisons of different models. The internet is very poor on reviews and comparisons of infrared sauna models, although you can find some. Here is the list of reviews on this site:
By brand:

By capacity:

By heater type:

By wood type:

Choose a model according to your home conditions and your budget. If you have two or more alternatives try to write down a comparison table on a sheet of paper or use a ready comparison chart for 2-person infrared sauna models. Return to the topics of installation, find out what power outlet requirements your models have, check their dimensions. Many manufacturers provide downloadable instruction manuals for their saunas, so you can read them for better understanding of various models.
Buying an infrared sauna. Now, when you have an appropriate model chosen, your goal is to buy it. Next steps are aimed to minimize the risk involved in buying and shipping of your sauna.
Find shops that sell infrared sauna model you want. I plan to compile a list of infrared sauna shops on this site, but right now you can use, for example, Froogle or Yahoo! Shopping. For more ideas read the post about searching for online shops.
Compare their prices, payment methods, return policies, shipping details. Don’t chase for the minimal price, pay attention on shipping details and return policy, in case you won’t like the ordered sauna. Check this overview of what to look when choosing an online shop for more details.
Choose a best shop for you and place an order. If you have any questions left, write them down, call to the shop and ask. Take a moment to review all your decisions and then place an order either on the website or by call. You’re done.
When you will have your sauna arrived there is a page about installing an infrared sauna in your house.

I hope that this list was helpful to you. Return to this page from time to time, as the number of resources will grow.

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