Wood industry has become the focus of forestry work in the second half of Linyi Lanshan

Wood industry has become the focus of forestry work in the second half of Linyi Lanshan
2018-09-21 Source: China Green Times http://www.wood365.cn/Industry/IndustryInfo_257194.html
Recently, at the semi-annual summary meeting of the Forestry Bureau of Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong Province in the 2018 semi-annual meeting, the relevant responsible persons clearly pointed out 11 work priorities such as attracting investment in forestry industry, creating forest villages and afforestation in the rainy season. Among them, the development of the wood industry has become a top priority.

As the “China’s plate capital”, Lanshan District has formed a relatively complete industrial chain and has become the country’s largest plate production, export and trading place. The wood industry is also one of the advantageous industries of Lanshan. After more than 30 years of development, it has cultivated many competitive backbone enterprises. Lanshan District responded to the call of new and old kinetic energy conversion strategies to meet the fierce competition in the market. The wood industry accelerated product technology innovation and enhanced brand influence, especially for transformation and upgrading.

In the second half of the year, Lanshan District Forestry Bureau will make every effort to attract investment in forest industry, focus on promoting the development of forestry industry projects, take the transformation and upgrading of wood industry as the main carrier, highlight investment in key areas, and insist on “going out” and “please come in. In a combined way, we will organize investment promotion work to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the wood industry and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy. At the same time, comprehensively do a good job in the “two systems construction” of safe production of wood enterprises. Before the end of September, all wood safety risk enterprises in the whole district will be included in the provincial inspection information platform management, and no less than 30% of the sample evaluation work will be completed; The double prevention system was basically completed and operated effectively before the end of December, and was incorporated into the information platform management, and completed the sampling evaluation work of not less than 5%, and the timber management and processing enterprises were supervised in the event and afterwards. Actively organize the application of national, provincial and municipal forestry industry leading enterprises, classify and screen the wood plate enterprises above the designated size within the jurisdiction, and conduct detailed review of each declared enterprise to ensure that the application materials of each enterprise are true and effective, and meet the reporting conditions. The company communicates and coordinates. Actively organize related wood industry enterprises to participate in the large-scale wood industry exhibitions at home and abroad such as Nanning-China-ASEAN Expo, China Hezelin Product Trade Fair, China Linyi International Wood Expo and the 5th Wood-based Panel Conference, and actively establish the image of Lanshan plate industry.

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