See the future ahead of time, you need to understand this “ten trend”

See the future ahead of time, you need to understand this “ten trend”

In any era, there are technologies that are breaking through, and prosperity in various fields brought about by technological breakthroughs. There are also new application scenarios, as well as new application scenarios for new applications, new applications for technology.

We can also see that although these years have made great progress, in most areas, our advantages are still applied.

Ok, go to the topic.

The first four major trends are brought about by technological breakthroughs.

Of course, today, as the technology industry becomes more complex and the threshold for technological innovation is getting higher and higher, the prosperity of the technology industry is often not the result of a single technological breakthrough, but the product of multiple technological breakthroughs in a field.

See the future ahead of time, you need to understand this “ten trend”

Trend 1: The robot is finally here.

Do this judgment based on the following three points

One of the advantages of robots is that they are infinitely duplicated.

For example, in the past 10 years, everyone feels that the driving school has increased. This is because the number of private cars in China has grown rapidly, and there are more people who need to take a driver’s license.

But if robots and humans have equal opportunities to take the driver’s license exam, once a self-driving car has obtained a driver’s license. All models of self-driving cars can be on the road, and once they are mastered, they can be copied indefinitely. This is the advantage of robots.

The second advantage of robots is that they can break through the limitations of natural selection on living things.

What does that mean?

If you have seen that famous video, which robot dog can drive the door like a human. This machine has a long hand on the dog’s head and has an eye on the hand. If this model is not conducive to opening the door, then change one. Modeling is, without waiting for a long evolution, robots can be developed in accordance with human needs for function.

The third advantage of robots: Although robots like humans can’t make them, we can design special robots for each scene.

Nowadays, logistics robots and industrial robots are already in large use. At the same time, emotional interactive robots and behavioral interactive robots have also entered the fast lane of development.

Trend 2: Biotechnology Revolution

A company called e-Genesis uses genetic editing technology to remove the genes that cause human rejection in pigs, so that the organs cultured in pigs will not be transplanted when transplanted into the human body. This test will soon enter the transplant phase. Once the transplant is successful, organ transplantation is no longer a problem.

See the future ahead of time, you need to understand this “ten trend”

Trend 3: The era of big space

As satellite launch costs continue to fall, India has been able to successfully launch 104 satellites last year, creating a world record. Rockets like Space X are still further reducing launch costs.

You need to know what the satellite’s launch cost reduction means. When the computer developed from a supercomputer to a microcomputer, the number has risen rapidly, and the satellite is the same. After the number of satellites increases, its application will have a lot of imagination. For example, to track where the Malaysia Airlines 370 flies, it will not be so difficult.

This shows that we are at the beginning of the era of great space.

See the future ahead of time, you need to understand this “ten trend”
artificial intelligence

Trend 4: Artificial Intelligence Layout of Large Companies

The bad news is that artificial intelligence platform opportunities belong to big companies.

Now, all IT giants are fully developing artificial intelligence platforms. The core of the platform is that it can be programmed freely in the future. Users only need to simply call the platform. At that time, even the deep development business no longer needs small. The company is over.

Artificial intelligence will be prosperous in the next few years, but it does not mean that small companies that directly do artificial intelligence basic services have good entrepreneurial opportunities.

Trend 5: Industry Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence

Although the industrial opportunities of artificial intelligence have become a monopoly of the company, the opportunities of the platform have disappeared, but the opportunities that belong to the industry have just begun.

After making the big data analysis of the big data, after inserting the wings of artificial intelligence, even in-depth cooperation with the public security department, the knowledge of the public security police is integrated into the artificial intelligence algorithm, and the identification, mining and prediction models of criminals and gangs are established. , the realization of artificial intelligence to help solve the case.

Trend 6: Development of 5G

This field is similar to artificial intelligence. It is also a platform for large companies to build 5G networks. Both Qualcomm and China Mobile have announced that 5G technology will be ready in the next year or two.

The platform opportunity for the 5G network will not be left to small companies. But the biggest opportunity for 5G in the future is application rather than technology platform, so technical problems are solved and the application opportunities are coming soon.

The 5G network is the basis for massive technical applications such as artificial intelligence, autopilot, VR/AR, and Internet of Things. The platform is built. In these areas in the future, it is possible to create a huge enterprise.

See the future ahead of time, you need to understand this “ten trend”

Trend 7: Autopilot and electric vehicles

This trend has been seen by many people because there is a famous person named Jia Yueting. Of course, many people think this is a bubble. Although the sound of FF91 is not working now, the sound of China’s entire electric vehicle field has risen. A large number of companies such as Xiaopeng, Weimar and Weilai are on the rise, while foreign Google, Uber, China’s Baidu and Ali are also increasing. Invest.

Trend 8: China’s new science and technology forces

At the CES show in 2018, Dajiang, a leading company in the field of drones, became a hot spot. The Dajiang booth is located in the middle of the entire drone exhibition area. Many foreign drone companies have placed the Dajiang logo on their own wall, claiming that they have very close cooperation with Dajiang.

In addition to Dajiang, Xiaomi and Facebook also reached a strategic cooperation and began to export research and development capabilities to Facebook. In the future, Facebook’s virtual reality devices will be made by Xiaomi.

See the future ahead of time, you need to understand this “ten trend”
Sino-US relations

Trend 9: Increased economic disagreements between China and the United States

The rise of China’s new internationalization is not familiar to Americans.

After Chinese companies go out, they have not yet mastered how to introduce themselves and let others accept their own methods. We must go out bravely, take the initiative to communicate, turn passive into initiative, and establish our own good image in the international arena.

Trend 10: New internationalization of Chinese

Our most powerful advantage is manufacturing capabilities.

From the perspective of supporting innovation, China is absolutely first-class. Coupled with the three terms of “massive”, “complex products” and “open manufacturing”, China is not only the world’s first, but also the only one.

Now China has the opportunity to take on more global responsibilities. We want to change the idea of ​​just going abroad to make money and then bringing money home. It is really to provide services to foreign countries, to prosper and share profits with each other.

What are your unique opinions and what trends are you seeing?

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