Mobile Internet entrepreneurship small project recommendation

Mobile Internet entrepreneurship small project recommendation
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Since the 1980s, under the background of the rapid development of information technology, entrepreneurial activities have become active on a global scale. In the future, what are the projects of the mobile Internet that are worth looking forward to? Look at the most anticipated Internet entrepreneurship projects in the future.

Internet entrepreneurship project field recommendation
1. Extended service area

The rise of “Internet +” will generate a large number of third-party service companies between the government and enterprises, namely “Internet +” service providers. They will not engage in the production, manufacturing and operation of the Internet + traditional enterprises, but will help the cooperation between the online and offline parties. They will do the docking work between the two parties. The profit method is the service fee after the successful docking between the two parties. Various value-added services. These value-added services are all-encompassing, including training, recruitment, resource search, program design, equipment introduction, and workshop renovation. The initial “Internet +” service providers are single-unit operations, and later will develop into a complex, not to exclude platform-type enterprises that will develop into a pure Internet model in the later period. Third-party services include big data, cloud systems, e-commerce platforms, O2O service providers, software providers such as CRM, smart devices, robots, and 3D printing.

2. Industrial field

Internet + industry, that is, traditional manufacturing enterprises adopt mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other information and communication technologies to transform original products and R&D production methods, which are consistent with the meanings of “Industrial Internet” and “Industry 4.0”. , “mobile Internet + industry”, “cloud computing + industry”, “Internet of Things + industry”, “network crowdsourcing + industry” and other new forms of integration. Specifically, with the help of mobile Internet technology, traditional manufacturers can be in industrial products The network hardware and software modules are added to realize remote control of users and automatic data collection and analysis, which greatly improves the experience of industrial products. Based on cloud computing technology, some Internet companies have created a unified intelligent product software service platform for different vendors. The production of intelligent hardware devices provides unified software services and technical support, optimizes the user experience, and realizes the interconnection and interoperability of products, resulting in synergistic value. IoT technology helps accelerate the perception, transmission and analysis of real-time data information in manufacturing. To speed up the optimal allocation of production resources. With the help of the enterprise itself or by means of the existing “crowdsourcing” platform, innovative research and development needs can publish extensive collection of ideas and wisdom customers and external personnel, greatly expanding the sources of creativity.

3. Financial field

Internet + Finance In terms of organizational form, there are at least three ways to do this. The first is Internet companies doing finance; if this phenomenon occurs on a large scale and replaces the original financial enterprise, it is the Internet financial subversion theory. The second is the Internetization of financial institutions. The third is the cooperation between Internet companies and financial institutions. Since 2013, the model of segmented Internet grafting finance represented by online financial management, payment, e-commerce small loans, P2P, crowdfunding, etc. has entered the public view, Internet finance has become a new financial industry and provided the general public. More diversified investment and financial options. For example, Internet supply chain finance, P2P network credit, crowdfunding, Internet banking, etc.

4. Business field

In the fields of retail, e-commerce, etc., in the past few years, we can see the combination with the Internet, especially the mobile Internet has played a great role in upgrading the original trade and business. In the face of the transformation of the physical retail channel, the concept of “retail + Internet” is newly proposed. In 2014, the number of Internet users in China reached 649 million, with more than 4 million websites and e-commerce transactions exceeding RMB 13 trillion. Among the top 10 global network companies, four are in China, and the Internet economy has become the biggest growth point of the Chinese economy. In 2014, the revenue of B2B e-commerce business reached 19.22 billion yuan, an increase of 28.34%; the transaction scale reached 9.4 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.37%. As of 2014, China’s cross-border e-commerce pilot import and export volume has exceeded 3 billion yuan.

5, the field of communication

With the development of the Internet, the revenue from the data traffic business has greatly exceeded the decline in voice revenue. It can be seen that the emergence of the Internet has not completely disrupted the communications industry, but has instead promoted the operators to carry out the transformation and upgrading of related businesses. “Internet + Transportation” has produced “chemical effects” in the transportation field. From Uber and Lyft in foreign countries to Drip taxis in China, and fast taxis, the mobile Internet has spawned a number of car-pooling car software, although they are all over the world. Different disputes still exist in different places, but by combining mobile Internet and traditional transportation, they have improved the way people travel, increased the usage rate of vehicles, and promoted the development of Internet sharing economy.

6. People’s livelihood

Nowadays, you can enjoy services at public accounts of all levels of government. For example, a traffic police in a certain place can complete fines collection within 60 seconds. Mobile e-government will become a tool to promote the national governance system. For example, in December 2014, Guangzhou took the lead in implementing WeChat city access, and then Shenzhen, Foshan, and Wuhan were on the line. With the access of these cities, 7 million people have enjoyed WeChat city services in the past three months.

7, the medical field

In reality, there are problems such as difficulty in seeing a doctor and expensive medical treatment. Mobile medical + Internet is expected to improve this medical ecology. Specifically, the Internet will optimize the traditional diagnosis and treatment model to provide patients with one-stop health management services. In the traditional doctor-patient model, patients generally have pre-existing lack of prevention, poor experience in the event, and no service afterwards. Through Internet medical treatment, patients are expected to monitor their own health data from the mobile medical data side to prevent precautions; in the diagnosis and treatment service, rely on mobile medical services to achieve online registration, consultation, purchase, payment, saving time and economic costs, and improving the situation. Experience; and rely on the Internet to communicate with doctors after the event. Baidu and Tencent have successively launched the Internet medical industry, forming a huge industrial distribution network. They use their respective advantages to realize the dream of changing the traditional medical industry model through different channels. In 2014, the scale of China’s mobile medical market was 4.01 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 20.09 billion yuan in 2017, with a compound growth rate of 78.5%. Mobile healthcare will grow rapidly in the next two years.

What kind of Internet entrepreneurs are not reliable
I. Talk about the strategy. There are many people who talk about strategy and strategy. I met a god man and came up to introduce myself as an online education expert. Other people who do online education don’t deserve to wear shoes. But in fact, the offline activity of this man has been chatting with friends who have been engaged in the online education industry media for a while. This friend gave him the evaluation: he didn’t understand the industry at all, but he was a model of his own thinking. With a set of theories, he felt that he had become a strategic expert in this industry, and he had to assign strategies to others. Therefore, the move is to propose strategies and models, so that entrepreneurs are still less exposed.

Second, the introduction of the project for a long time do not talk about products Online activities, often encounter entrepreneurs to talk about their own projects, on the stage for a long time, are to elaborate ideas, hoping to let others accept their own theory. I met an entrepreneur who came to the stage to talk about the importance of the name and brand. After talking for a long time, I said that I thought of a very NB brand name. Because of this name, everyone will use it in the future and imagine a whole set of business models. . Everyone is very surprised. The key is that after ten minutes, everyone doesn’t know what he wants to do. Of course, there is a problem with excluding expression skills, and everyone often sees such entrepreneurs on various entrepreneurial project shows. Entrepreneurship projects, the most important thing is to introduce their own products and ideas for solving problems. If an entrepreneur talks on the stage for a long time, he will not talk about products, not to talk about what kind of users, to solve their specific problems, they must Did not think clearly, nor is it a reliable entrepreneur.

Third, I hope to join forces to make bosses to make money. It is very strange that in the description of several people on the website of Yuanchuang, there are similar words that link up to make money with bosses. The so-called boss refers to the investor. Their logic is: find a team, so that we can find angels to ask for money. The purpose of forming a startup team is not to solve the user’s problem, but to focus on finding the angel and making money from them. How can such an entrepreneur be trustworthy? The investor is asking the project to have a startup team. But entrepreneurs can’t get together to find a team in order to find an investment.

Fourth, think of an algorithm to change the market structure Recently, I met an entrepreneur who claimed to have implemented a very good Ross algorithm. Based on this algorithm, a marriage website can change the current online marriage market. The words are full of disdain for the existing dating website. A little cold humor is that he is now a divorce model. Core technology is really important for entrepreneurial projects, but it doesn’t have the technology to change the market. This is a complex and long-term process.

5. No Internet work experience claims to have good ideas. This mainly refers to student entrepreneurs, as well as some people in the traditional industry who have no experience in the Internet. In fact, student entrepreneurship is not unreliable, but if a student comes up to say that he already has an NB idea, it is often unreliable.

Six, too passionate A user of our website must join us, not paying wages. I can’t send text messages every day, call and express a strong interest in this matter. The more I do, the less I dare to ask.

What is Internet entrepreneurship?
“Internet entrepreneurship is to use entrepreneurial projects to complete a transformation of productivity, reform, innovation, and development to promote the evolution of new economic forms.

Internet entrepreneurship must have the following characteristics: cross-border integration, innovation-driven, reshaping structure, respecting humanity, opening up ecology, and connecting everything.

In addition, many Internet startups have gradually formed under the incubation of incubators. In the immediate office incubator, they are more aware of Internet-related incubators.

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