The aldehyde-free wood-based panel national innovation alliance was formally established

The aldehyde-free wood-based panel national innovation alliance was formally established
2018-10-09 Source: Fengxian released
In recent years, Fengxian has built a special park around the “Revitalization of Fengxian County Action Plan” and “12358” development plan. The Fengxian Zero Aldehyde Home Furnishing Industrial Park is located on the south side of Fengxiang Road, on the east side of Jingba Road and on the west side of Jingjiu Road. Mu, construction area of ​​197,000 square meters, a total of 32 single-story steel structure standard factory building. Fengxian has rich timber resources, wood processing industry and furniture industry have a good foundation. Based on this advantage, Fengxian will further extend the wood product processing industry chain to form a collection of wood products design and development, production and processing, sales and furniture culture. The well-known domestic zero-aldehyde added custom furniture industry cluster has become a technological innovation base and industrial upgrading demonstration base that leads the development of domestic industry, creating considerable economic and social benefits.

After the development of the wood-based panel industry in recent decades, the production technology has also been greatly developed. The application of aldehyde-free adhesives is becoming more and more extensive, which can meet the requirements of consumers for aldehyde-free wood-based panels and their products, and can also represent the industry. Direction of development. The establishment of the National Innovation Alliance of formaldehyde-free wood-based panels will greatly promote the rapid development of China’s aldehyde-free wood-based panel and its products industry! It is understood that the National Innovation Alliance for Aldehyde-free Panels was initiated by 76 units.

Recommended by the China National Forest Products Industry Association, the National Innovation Alliance of the Alcohol-free Panels, led by the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau’s Forest Products Industry Planning and Design Institute, became the first national innovation alliance of the National Forestry and Prairie Bureau. The Secretariat of the National Innovation Alliance of the Aldehyde-free Panels is affiliated with the Forestry Industry Planning and Design Institute of the State Forestry and Prairie Bureau. Zhou Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Forestry Industry Planning and Design Institute of the State Forestry and Prairie Bureau, is the Chairman of the Alliance, and Zhang Zhongtao, Director of Industrial Engineering, is the Secretary. long.

List of aldehyde-free wood-based panel national innovation alliance units

1. National Forestry and Grassland Bureau Forest Products Planning and Design Institute

2. Institute of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry

3. Nanjing Forestry University

4. Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd.

5. Sophia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

6. Del Future Technology Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

7. Furen Group Co., Ltd.

8. Guangdong Yaodonghua Decoration Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

9. Ningbo Zhongke Chaolu New Material Co., Ltd.

10. Wanhua Hexiang Board Industry Co., Ltd.

11. Zhengzhou Yuwo Biomass Materials Co., Ltd.

12. Linyi Yuechuan New Material Co., Ltd.

13. Zhejiang Forest Products Quality Inspection Station

14. Fujian Qingxin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

15. Chengdu Meikang Sanlian Industry Co., Ltd.

16. Northwest A&F University

17. Yucheng Furunde Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

18. Guangxi Sanwei Forest Products Industry Co., Ltd.

19. Beijing Shengda Huayuan Technology Co., Ltd.

20. Hunan Green Home Engineering Technology Research Center

21. Zhejiang Shenghua Yunfeng New Material Co., Ltd.

22. Zhejiang Forestry Research Institute

23. Hunan Fuxiang Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

24. Dongguan City Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

25. Guangdong Hanhong Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

26. Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

27. Putian City Senfu Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

28. Jiangsu Lushuihe Artificial Board Co., Ltd.

29. Wen’an Yanxing Particle Board Factory

30. Shouguang Luli Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

31. Dongying Artificial Board Factory

32. Guangzhou Lege Import and Export Co., Ltd.

33. Guangzhou Changan Viscose Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

34. Anhui Yangzi Flooring Co., Ltd.

35. Guangxi Yuxi Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

36. Guangxi Guoxu Forestry Development Group Co., Ltd.

37. Shanghai Donghe Adhesive Co., Ltd.

38. Dongguan Beihui Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

39. Shandong Qiansen Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd.

40. Shandong Anxin Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

41. Yantai Zhongpin Network Technology Co., Ltd.

42. Guangdong Shixing County Huazhou Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

43. Jilin Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

44. Xuzhou Anlian Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

45. Inner Mongolia Puerma Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

46. ​​Guangzhou Tianzhixiang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

47. Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

48. Shanghai Huntsman Polyurethane Co., Ltd.

49. Guangzhou Yile New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

50. Jiangsu Aikesite New Material Co., Ltd.

51. Shandong Dingsen Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

52. Jiangsu Zhongmu Dahe Wood Technology Co., Ltd.

53. Sichuan Farong Forestry Industry Co., Ltd.

54. Beijing European and American Home Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

55. Hubei Baoyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

56. Shanghai Timber Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd.

57. Liyang Da Ke New Material Co., Ltd.

58. Hunan Wanhua Ecological Board Co., Ltd.

59. Zhaoqing High-tech Zone Dazheng New Material Co., Ltd.

60. Guilin Xinmei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

61. Dongying Shengji Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

62. Shenzhen Songboyu Technology Co., Ltd.

63. Baroque Wood (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.

64. Jiangsu Fengxian Economic Development Zone Management Committee

65. Lulin Wood Industry (Linyi) Co., Ltd.

66. Shangqiu Dingfeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

67. Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

68. Heilongjiang Yujia Biomass Materials Co., Ltd.

69. Huzhou Nanxun Guangda Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

70. Heilongjiang Institute of Wood Science

71. Shandong Dongshida Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

72. Jiangsu Hengyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

73. Shandong Agricultural University

74. Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

75. Guangxi Xinchuang Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

76. Shenzhen Jinlong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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