China Building materials hardware Nails types

Building materials hardware, steel nails according to applications, can be classified into Roofing Nails, Finishing Nails, Framing Nails, Boat Construction Nails, Drywall Screw Nails, Carpentry Nails, Cement Building Nails, Masonry Nails, Scaffolding Nails and more. The nailing fasteners are widely used for fastening, siding, crating, casing, stapling, screwing, framing, finishing and construction of various materials and structures.  Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Established manufacturer and exporter of common construction nails.

General Information of Clavos Common Nails:
Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel
Caps Types: Small, brad, clout, umbrella, round flat, duplex head, special
Shank Types: Ring shank, smooth, twisted, thread, special cut
Finishes: Silver bright, polished, zinc plated hot dipped, electro galvanized, copper plated, brass plated, phoshorate bronzed, special

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