Sauna WOOD Panelling boards and bench material

Panelling boards and bench material

Wooden Materials for Saunas

  • Spruce panelling is slowly grown, healthy and tough Finnish softwood with sound knots that enliven the surface. Spruce secretes very little resin, and the wood retains its light colour for many years.
  • Pine panelling is made of pure pine board that has a slightly red tinge. Its looks improve with age, and it darkens beautifully as the years pass. Its faint fragrance of pine resin reminds you of fresh pine forests.
  • Aspen is a traditional sauna material because of its characteristics. Aspen’s light and even colour is long-lasting and creates a fresh atmosphere inside your sauna.
  • Alder has a refined shade of red which deepens with age. It’s slightly variegated and easy to care.
  • Heat-treated aspen preserves its shape well as the years pass. It is the darkest in colour of Harvia panelling material and also has a pleasant scent. You can accentuate the shade of the wood with paraffin oil.
  • Western Red Cedar has been used in Saunas and Steam Baths for hundreds of years, because of its ability to withstand temperature changes and moisture. Cedar has wonderful aromatic features, as well as being durable, non-toxic and an excellent thermal insulator.

WOOD PANELING – Spruce natural 15x90mm

WOOD PANELING – Aspen 15x90mm

WOOD PANELING – Aspen heat treated 15x90mm

WOOD PANELING – Spruce heat treated 15x90mm

WOOD PANELING – Aspen natural 15x80mm

WOOD PANELING – Aspen heat treated 15x80mm

WOOD PANELING – Western red cedar 12x84mm

BENCH WOOD – Abachi 19x90mm

BENCH WOOD – Aspen heat treated 21x90mm

BENCH WOOD – Aspen natural 28x65mm

BENCH WOOD – Western red cedar1

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