vinyl plastic flooring
vinyl plastic flooring

Decoration science stickers – composite wood, vinyl plastic flooring, solid wood flooring which is better?

Decoration science stickers – composite wood, vinyl plastic flooring, solid wood flooring which is better?

I often hear customers who like wooden floors ask this question: composite wood, vinyl plastic flooring, solid wood flooring which is better?
Today, I will talk to you about the differences between these three materials and their respective advantages and disadvantages, so that everyone can make choices and find the products they like.
First of all, let’s talk about composite wood, which is called the laminate floor. It is made by crushing the logs, adding chemicals such as glue and preservatives at high temperature. Its advantage is 1: beautiful and wearable. You can see that many shops in shopping malls like to use composite wood. 2: Overcome problems such as termites and insects that may be caused by logs. 3: Easy to take care of, no need to polish the post-maintenance work such as waxing and lacquering. Its disadvantage is 1: fear of water. After all, it is a wooden material that will swell when exposed to water and is not suitable for use in often wet locations. If the habit of wiping the floor is to soak the floor with more water, it is not recommended. 2: The joint position of the board and the board should be especially careful. Sometimes the tip of the high-heeled shoes of the owner may scratch the seam at the seam position, causing unsightly appearance. If you change it, don’t pay for it. You may not find the same style for a long time. 3: Fear of fire, families with smoking habits should use it as carefully as possible.
Next, let’s talk about vinyl plastic flooring. This kind of material has been popular and popularized in recent years. In the early days, it was generally used in office. Now many home decoration products will choose this material. The vinyl floor is mainly produced to overcome some of the shortcomings of the laminate floor itself, so its advantage is naturally that the laminate floor does not have 1: not afraid of water, it is more convenient to handle, and it is not necessary to wring dry the mop when wiping the ground. . 2: Wear and scratch resistance. Usually the warranty given by each manufacturer is 20 years or lifetime warranty, it can be seen that the wear resistance of this material is quite good. 3: No need to worry about insects, termites and the like. 4: There is no need to worry about the problem of seams being scratched. Each board is directly molded with a mold. Its shortcoming 1: fear of fire. Plastic products are afraid of fire, and smoking families need to be careful. 2: There will still be differences compared to real wood. Friends who are particularly fond of wood flooring should not expect it to replace the effect of solid wood.
Finally, let’s talk about solid wood flooring. There are still many types of solid wood flooring. Usually, most homeowners choose teak produced in Indonesia or Myanmar, including many condo rooms. There are of course other types of wood, such as maple, oak, birch, and wenge. . . Due to the low demand, it is sometimes transported from different origins according to the needs of customers, so the waiting time will be longer, and it is not applicable to customers who have tight renovation time. And according to the classification of wood, the price is also very different. For example, the price of maple in North America is usually three times more expensive than the average teak floor, and the cost of maintenance and polishing in the future is higher than that of ordinary wood flooring. Speaking of these rare woods shipped from abroad, we must remind everyone that the teak that is usually used in large quantities has been chemically soaked and sterilized, so it is usually not a problem for any insects in the short term. However, many foreign ships are directly laid without chemical immersion. There are three problems in this area: 1. The owner does not want to pay extra for the part of the insect. 2: The decorator omitted the steps of soaking. 3: Both sides are inexperienced and ignore this step. So what kind of results will it lead to? Once the wood itself has its own termites, it will have a very big impact on the homeowner’s home. Once this problem occurs, it can only be solved by long-term relying on the press control, but it will have a great impact on money and spirit in the long run. . Therefore, it is strongly recommended that customers who use wood flooring must not omit the step of chemical immersion in the wood. Of course, solid wood flooring also has its incomparable advantages: 1: natural wood grain, clear texture, beautiful appearance. The preferred matching material for Chinese design. 2: Feeling good to touch the ground, not cold. Disadvantage 1: Termites are the biggest enemy of wood flooring for life. Be sure to pay attention to it as soon as possible. 2: Not easy to take care of, not wearable. Do not drag things directly on the ground or use pulley chairs. In general, I still recommend vinyl plastic flooring for materials that are most convenient for home use and that can achieve a certain wood aesthetic effect. The laminate floor is now part of the gradual elimination of home improvement flooring materials. Many companies that have previously made laminate are gradually turning to vinyl, because the after-sales work of laminate is not good. As for the wooden floor, there is still a loyal customer base. Customers who like the wooden floor, whether vinyl or laminate floor, cannot replace the position of solid wood in their hearts. So you can see what kind of material your home is more suitable for, and choose a product that suits you. Finally add that the price of these three kinds of flooring from low to high is the laminate floor – vinyl floor – solid wood flooring. The market price of the laminate floor is currently between $3-6/sqft, the market price of vinyl floor is currently between $5-7.5/sqft, and the ordinary teak flooring is 2 inches x 8 inches, 2 inches x 10 inches, 2 inches x 12 inches. The price of wrap money is between 7-9/sqft (produced in Indonesia) 8.5-10.5/sqft (made in Myanmar)

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