2019 18th China (Beijing) International Door Industry Exhibition

2019 18th China (Beijing) International Door Industry Exhibition

Sixth China International Integrated Customized Home Fair

Exhibition time: 15-18 March 2019

Exhibition Venue: (Beijing) New Pavilion of China International Exhibition Center

Organizer: China Forestry Industry Association

China International Exhibition Center Group Co.

With the overall improvement of consumption level and the continuous upgrading of consumption concept, mass customization has become an irreversible reality of China’s household consumption. As the leading professional exhibition and trade platform in China’s door customization household industry, all the important elements of participating platform – Exhibition enterprises, professional audiences, industry associations and industry media have promoted the innovation and transformation of the platform from different dimensions.

The 18th China International Door Industry Exhibition and the 6th China International Integrated Customized Home Fair will carry out fine reform on the division of exhibition area. The 130,000 square meters exhibition area is divided into six thematic exhibition areas: whole house customization, smart home, wooden door (window), entrance/non-wooden indoor door, coated hardware household accessories, smart manufacturing machinery and equipment. The six thematic exhibition areas focus on the upstream and downstream industrial chain of customization. To effectively promote the interaction between exhibitors and their counterparts, improve the efficiency of trade and negotiation, strengthen the brand awareness and product characteristics of enterprises, explore potential business opportunities, and empower the development of customized household industry in China’s door industry with the strength of the platform.

“Whole House + Door (Window)” Dual-core Focus, Effectively Aiming at Business Docking

China International Integrated Customized Home Exhibition, approved by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and developed into one of the top two high-end commercial and trade platforms in the domestic customization industry, has been fully integrated with the 17-year-old China International Door Exhibition. CIDE, which is diversified, efficient, innovative and open, will focus on the door (window) + customization industry, highlight the new power of customization in China and lead the development direction of the industry.

China International Door Industry/Custom Home Fair is praised as “the vane and booster leading the development of the industry”, which greatly promotes industry exchanges and trade cooperation. It is a practical promoter and witness of the prosperity of the door industry/custom home market. It is also a manufacturer of customized home industry at home and abroad that carries out commodity trade, brand promotion, channel construction, broadening horizons, sharing ideas and comparison. Should progress, pioneering and innovative first platform.

With the strength of the public, set sail completely new!

On April 20, 2018, China’s exhibition company, Zhongzhan Zhenghe (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd., with the characteristics of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, was established in Beijing, spanning the fields of building materials, household and HVAC. Since then, CIDE China International Gateway/Customized Home Fair will be operated and managed by the integrated China Exhibition Crowds (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

With more specialization, brand and internationalization, Zhongzhanghe (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd., which is highly expected by China’s building materials industry and China’s exhibition industry, will lead CIDE China International Gate Industry Customized Home Exhibition to a new level through resource integration and operation optimization.

Next March, Beijing New National Exhibition, 160,000 spectators, look forward to your sword!

I. Time and Place of the Exhibition

Exhibition time: 12-14 March 2019

Exhibition time: March 15-18, 2019

Exhibition venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center New Pavilion (88 Tianzhu Yuxiang Road, Shunyi District, Beijing)

II. Scope of Exhibits

Whole Wood, Customized Home/Smart Home

Whole wooden furniture, custom home, wardrobe, stairs, cabinet, skirt wall, study, etc.

Integral kitchen and toilet, cloakroom, smart home system, etc.

_Woody Category

Log doors, solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, moulded doors, bamboo doors, etc.

_Entry/Non-wood indoor doors and windows

Copper door, Villa door, Aluminum door, Moving door, Courtyard door, Fire door, Metal door, Fence, Sunshine room,

Electric doors, garage doors, fixed windows, flat windows, rotary windows, push-pull windows, shutters, insulation windows, etc.

_New materials/new technologies

Environmental protection coatings, hardware lock control, accessories and accessories, automatic control technology, etc.

New Home Manufacturing Equipment and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment

Deep processing equipment, home manufacturing equipment, automated production and processing equipment, etc.

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