2019 3rd Wuhan Customized Home and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

2019 3rd Wuhan Customized Home and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

The 3th Wuhan Customizing Furnishings and Woodworking Equipments Exhibiton 2019

At the same time: the 11th International Window and Door Exhibition, 2019

Time: 21-23 March 2019 Location: Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang)

Organizers: Wuhan Building Decoration Association, Hubei Building Material Market Management Association and Wuhan Aluminum Industry Association

Hubei Forestry Industry Promotion Association, Jingzhou Architectural Decoration Association and Xianning Architectural Decoration Association

Wuhan New Building Material Industry Association and Jingmen Decoration Building Material Circulation Association

Contractor: Construction Engineering Technology and Green Development Professional Working Committee of Hubei Association for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Progress

Overview of Exhibition

Customized home has become a symbol of fashionable life. Customization, wisdom and Internet of Things have created a new model of home consumption market. According to China’s residential sales situation and the demand for renovation of stock houses, customized home will grow at 12% to 19% in 2015-2020, and the market scale will reach 160.6 billion yuan in 2020.

Wuhan Custom Home Fair 2018, including Op Home, Art Home, Huayu Home, Lino Information, Quick CNC, Kebao Equipment, Oman Moving Gate, Keshan Mumen, Nanjing Plate Moving Gate, Sheilah Mun, Cool Jiale, Hongfu Gate, Jingyu Mumen, Aolashimen Factory, Yibai Cutting Tools, Haoshen Plate and other famous enterprises, held the same period of the “Building Materials Home Industry Distributors Industry 2018”. Six series of forums, such as “Performance multiplier training meeting”, especially the implementation of “free bus pick-up and lunch package” visiting mode, have been visited and exchanged by nearly 100 delegations from housing and construction committees, decoration (office) associations, real estate developers, building materials markets, home towns and home-based chambers of commerce throughout Hubei Province.

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