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Molded wood door skin material

Molded wood door skin material The low-carbon, environmental friendly, beautiful, convenient, non cracking and non deformation door panel is produced by using “one-time forming” or “two-time forming” technology under high temperature, high pressure and high heat environment through high tonnage vacuum molding machine with natural solid wood skin, or melamine …

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Moulded wooden door

Moulded wooden door Molded wood door is a kind of wood interior door with concave convex shape, wood grain or no wood grain, which is made of molded door panel. Molded door panel is made of wood fiber, which is molded by high temperature and high pressure. This kind of …

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Brief introduction of molded door

Brief introduction of molded door The density board is molded on both sides once, the door core is empty, the style is single and the grade is low. This kind of door is made of two pieces of extruded “high-density board”, the core material is honeycomb paper, keel, and the …

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