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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Cabinet Grade Plywood

Cabinet Grade Plywood Cabinet grade plywood is stronger than traditional wood because it is made from cross banded layers of wood. Other panel constructions are veneered particleboard,  MDF, and in rare occasion panels with an edge glue core. Cabinet grade plywood available in many woodgrains, stain colors and thicknesses; pre-finished cabinet grade plywood …

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What You Need to Know About Hardwood Plywood

What You Need to Know About Hardwood Plywood More info please visit Hardwood plywood is a great choice for furniture, cabinets, and many other projects due to its strength, stability, and convenience. ​​What is Plywood? Plywood is an engineered wood product consisting of three to seven layers of thin sheets …

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Fabricated Panels

Fabricated Panels   High-quality, made-to- order HPL panels can be a painfully slow, expensive process involving multiple vendors – or not.State-of- the-art equipment from Black Bros.…high quality materials from Wilsonart…and our own highly skilled personnel. Specify your next made-to- order panels from our wide range of sizes, laminate, backing and …

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 Hardwood Lumber Grade Descriptions

 Hardwood Lumber Grade Descriptions FAS/SEL – Per rules will be a minimum of 83% clear.  However, our imported hardwoods are close to being all clear.  Widths will be 6″ and wider, allowing a small percentage of 4″ and 5″.  Lengths are 8′ and longer. FAS/SEL 6′ and 7′ Only –  Widths are …

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Plywood passed the Israeli Standard institute tests

Plywood passed the Israeli Standard institute tests מכון התקנים הישראלי – The standards institution of Israel One of the areas in which the Israeli standard is regarded as basic standard for international referenceis irrigation equipment, in which Israel is considered as a world leader. Most israeli standards arevoluntary, however, they may be converted into mandatory standards if they are vital for the protectionof public safety or public health or quality of the environment.

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