2020 Marine Plywood Australia BS1088. AS2272 AS/NZS 2269

Recently, I was requested to inspect several plywood manufacturers who are producing for Australian  markets and found that the quality difference between film faced plywood and pine plywood by each company was very large.

I compared several factories, the quality difference is really big, such as pine plywood, some factories have already reached the furniture level, whether it is internal raw materials core veneer and glue quality or production technology, it is completely in accordance with the requirements of furniture grade. Some factories are in accordance with the requirements of packaging grade level, telegraphing ,bleeding, and even local blister and delamination The thickness is also uneven, some require + / – 0.5mm, some + / – 0.8mm.

For film face plywood, some require all eucalyptus wood and some are all poplar wood.

We used to inspect the plywood exported to the Australian market, The suppliers must have a laboratory, and they must provide the corresponding plywood test reports, and have F17 or relevant certification.

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